A Mom Mourning & Celebrating Her Son D’Andre

Sometimes on my journey with Marc’s legacy I get blessed by people out of my sphere of regular life. I just discovered a sister with a keen insight into what I’m dealing with re: Marc. Keonna Jackson lost her only son D’Andre Dickerson in a similar fashion as me. We both lost sons to murder in Portland, we both live out of state. Both our sons were the nicest young men, our best friends. And …. she’s had a good experience with the people in Portland like me. Wow, someone knows how I feel about the people of Portland, and is also doing something about her grief, and …. facing her new journey head on!

I stay in touch with Portland news, and found out it was the one year anniversary of his murder few days ago, & I went on FB to read her words and watch a few videos. Wow, at times I felt like she was taking the words right out of my mouth! It was very hard to have to go into that mode of pain again …. the anguish, the loss. But I so appreciated her sharing about the grief process, it confirmed to me what I went thru as a mom. I was so glad how God gave her great memories with her son before he went to heaven, same as I got with Marc the June before his incident.

I too fight against the stigma of being labeled ‘that mom who’s son was murdered’! It was so wonderful to hear her gratefulness for God’s people, and that love is the main thing. I know it sounds so cliche to hear it from ladies like us, but God’s love just surrounded me thru out the most tough of weeks, months …. and still does. It’s totally indescribable how strong love is!

She spoke of her son like I did of Marc when I went to court, or like I do in my blog …. like her son was still a part of her life! I shared Marc’s voice mail at sentencing, I wanted people to hear his wonderful character & love. I told them how Marc would want to be sharing in court cause he was the one w/o a voice at the sentencing. He should be the main one speaking up about justice done for him. And it would be so like him to want to talk to the defendant & the court. I am praying Keonna and D’Andre’s dad get their day in court soon!


Marc with his Rose

D’Andre’s family want justice for their son. This morning on my way to church, I started crying and interceding for his justice. All I can say to his family now is to continue to claim the person(s) are caught, justice is served! Pray for the Holy Spirit to work in peoples hearts up in Portland, and for angels to lead the detectives to solid leads for God’s glory. Breathe justice, talk justice …. seek scripture and stand on passages that speak to you. Hold God’s promises up to Him and never let go! Something will give way!

God knows what happened that night He cried too. D’Andre was in the wrong place at the wrong time, like Marc, but someone knows something. Someone is talking to someone else about what happened that night ….. Bragging, fearful or confused. May Dre’s family receive the justice they long for. They are in ‘limbo’ now, but I pray they hold up the suspects in prayer as well …. so everyone can go to the next stage of victory over death and violence!   

        How blessed are those who keep justice,

     Who practice righteousness at all times!

                                                                        Psalm 106:3


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