Briextensialism … or Portland, OR. Media

Whatever name the national media wish to use to make the UK’s severing from Europe ‘silly’ or palatable, it still won’t remove the seriousness of the recent vote. Many media sources are taking on new roles in recent years. Instead of doing an excellent job of reporting ALL situations fairly, they often choose which ones they think are important, what sells, often with flip or ignorant comments.


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It’s sad to read certain journalists in the West take something that’s has critical impact for the public and make it sound idiotic or handle-able! A play on words, like from a song, makes the reader divert their attention away from the facts and start wincing or laughing. The reporter isn’t respecting our ability to read and make up our own minds. A serious reporter shouldn’t make light of important political or cultural incidences because it’s making a moral judgement. Journalists shouldn’t be imitating late night talk shows who want to bring every story down to sixth grade level.

Even on many A. M. talk shows there’s laughter, hooting about the changes in such and such person, sport, city. Here in the Hollywood area some shows like to tell jokes or laugh about a silly thing on last nights TV that mean nothing to our daily life, but they make it out like it’s so cool …. that no matter what is done it’s all okay in the name of ‘entertainment’ . Entertainment and seriousness run so close together in the Los Angeles area.


Media goes too far when it can’t report facts objectively. We all need to be informed ….. we need to feel grounded, secure in ourselves and community. I can’t tell you what a breath of fresh air it felt like being up in Portland, OR and having media treat me and Marc’s story so wonderfully! I really needed their support at first, but later I cherished how steady and normal the detectives, court, defense were. Portland isn’t like Los Angeles, or listening to late night TV or reading crazy stories from youth on my daily AOL news.

The tragic event of losing my son helped restore my sense of humanity, hope. Portland’s been one reason why. I don’t need to make up silly names to describe that town, or tear it down behind it’s back now that the case is over. Just a beautiful city with normal people is good enough …. imcluding all the usual human complexities. We live in a wonderful country and I’m so grateful for the pockets of sanity still in certain locales.

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