I Voted For . . . . .


Politically  Okay  Poem

Latino, Christian, Jew or Rasta

Asian, Red-neck, Indian, rocker

Freckled face or hair in a twist

Thick thighs or skinny wrists

Pita bread, or lox and bagel

Folded hands or elbows on the table

Foamy beers or hot grilled onions

Fingernail polish or aching bunions

–  Diane De Han

In California’s Primary Election I voted for someone who had a good record as a governor. I voted for someone who wasn’t an adulterer or slanderer, and someone who wasn’t ashamed of faith in God. I truly desired to see a decent man in the White House, someone with compassion for all and one who could balance a budget. I wasn’t ashamed to vote for old fashioned values.

I wish we could have shifted our attention away from why Trump made so many gaffes or how come Hillary was constantly enmeshed in corrupt/dangerous practices, and reflect on why we even had these two candidates?! If our local or state candidates acted like them, there’d be such pandemonium in our country.

I read widely, watch various news programs & subscribe to newsletters.  There are entities like troubled big businesses, too large world banks or huge unemployment here and in the West that need creative attention to. There are issues like anti-police sentiment, dictators & terrorism, a sinking GNP & trade issues that need to be looked at with a sharp mind and decisiveness. We need someone with common sense & vision in office, someone who can work with agencies and roll up his/her sleeves & seek solid solutions with help from experts.

A wide variety of people will vote in Tuesday’s General Election. Not everyone knows why they are voting. A lot of people will listen to their hearts and minds, and will vote to preserve some qualities about America they wish to see continue. Some will listen to the media mostly. Some will vote for the common good thru party platforms. Others will vote out of a desire to keep their lifestyle choices.

We can accommodate all kinds of food, clothes, jobs, music in the U.S. but we can’t accommodate widely different values re: respect for others. The behavior of some of our national leaders is so against what most of us accept in our home life, yet we are often blind or intimidated by celebrities, the moneyed rich when we shouldn’t be. I’m praying we open to God’s voice in this election. We have many troubling issues to deal with coming down the pike and we need a President who God can get thru to.


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