I Wish

It’s been rather quiet legally re: Marc’s case. I have a ‘victims advocate’ who is a big help with general questions, issues. I’m not at liberty to share much at all about the defendants or the proceedings until things are finalized in the court. Basically, it’s a waiting game for the defendants to decide to enter a plea or go to trial.

I wish I could share what it was like to see the main defendant in court last Dec., but I can’t here. Watching how the legal teams conducted everything was actually comforting, it went smooth, and orderly and I don’t expect alot of surprises.  It really helped heal, bring a sense of how the future can pan out with the defendants, their verdicts, etc. marcpic4

I’m still at peace re: how the Detectives and the attorney’s have handled the case, what a miserable life it would be to have a botched case, fugitive assailants, etc.  I really count my/our blessings. I feel very good for Marc’s memory that it is going so well, I thank God.

“For the Lord is a God of justice; blessed are those who wait for him.”  Isa. 16:18

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