Texting to Heaven

Soon after Marc left this earth I started wondering what mode of communication we were having?  It just seemed so natural to be able to freely talk to him whenever I wanted, and really ‘know’ he was listening to me. The best mode I can relate to would be that I’m sending Marc a text and he’s got some sort of heavenly device or ability to receive it. I think he’s getting msgs. from all of us loved ones, whenever we talk to him.

I think he is always available, not just to me but others who love him. I imagine at first he was escorted by angels to see Jesus, family members who’ve passed on, Marc’s two siblings who died in miscarriage. But I also know that heaven can’t be boring or irrelevant to our life here, and so I think he’s actively interested in how his mom, dad, brother, friends and family are doing. I think he’s been able to view the people involved in his case, view what’s going on in America, Middle East, etc … we were very conscious of world events.

Marc was also interested in the Biblical timeline of events.  I’m sure he’s busy being taught by saints who’ve gone on before about prophecy & how things will transpire in the nations as we prepare for the consummation of this Age. I know he’ll want to take part in delivering this earth back to God. People for centuries have talked about Biblical answers for those of us on earth, it’s not a new concept, it’s a solid ‘hope’ that there is a divine plan. The grand design for mankind is on a large scale, but also it’s very personal for every individual as it frees us to be the people we were always meant to be … alive on every level of our being. At home finally!

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