Open Letter To God ….. 3rd Anniversary 10/16/17


                                                   Dear Heavenly Father,
Okay, I’ve held on for three years now, have you noticed?
I’ve withstood the horror of murder, the underlying shame     and pain ….
You know, I thought things were clearer …… and they are,     to a degree ….
but …’s the separation, God, the longing that trips me         up at times or when I’m alone!
‘Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for His mercy endures forever.’
I’m glad you’re there God, so glad you’re listening
I’m too private a person to cry in public for sympathy all the time,
      but this is still a hard cross to bear.
I don’t want to bore others or have them wonder …. ‘haven’t you gotten over him yet’?
‘Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for His mercy endures forever.’


What do you mean …. ‘give thanks, Your mercy     endures forever’?  
I know this isn’t the ‘end’, it’s not the final say          about Marc’s life
Life marches on for the world, even without me 
But I can’t help asking  …. would you allow Marc     to visit me once again?
 You understand me? Huh? God, do you hear       me?
I can’t go on unless you’re in this? 
‘Oh, give thanks to Me, My mercy endures forever.’
 Okay, Father ….. I think I understand,
      You’ll walk this out with me, every step of the way! 
Your will wins, not mine! 
Song: Pam Thum – ‘Love Sees’  (click below)

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  1. Stacey says:

    You are in my thoughts and prayers this week Diane! This is that prophetic voice of God you spoke of in an earlier post, leading you toward Him so HE can fill the hole left in your heart dear sister. He hears you and he knows you and what is best for you. It is always His desire for us realize his love for us prevails over all, no matter how difficult, His love… let it rush in and replace the memory of 10/16/14, with memories of life and the love you shared with your son. Love and deep hugs! Please don’t hesitate to reach out, if not to me to someone. I pray you’ll be with loved ones on the actual anniversary.

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