No Wasted Words

I have no interest in sharing about Marc’s accomplishments …. it’s just not the world he or I dwelled in. What kind of job he had, how creative or funny he might have been…. any awards or certificates he may have had …. what do they mean now? What are they worth in eternal terms? The huge thing that I constantly am remembering¬†is his personality, his character, his love! That’s what the people who knew him remember most … how he loved, how genuine he was in all he did.


There are things very painful to go thru …. baby books, family photos ….. photos from various events, locations …. memorabilia from Marc’s passions, interests, hobbies …. watching PBS specials or certain comedies and remembering Marc’s love of music and nature, his enjoyment of life when people could laugh at themselves. At times I’ll stop what I’m cooking and talk to Marc and tell him, ‘You and I used to make this’. Or, ‘remember how we loved to do this?’

I’m trying to think of a bible verse to explain things, but the only thing that describes what is going on is …. ‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder!’ And boy, does it!

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