Xmas Concert & Streaming Song – ‘Let His Love Remain In You’


Madonna on roller skates, w Child (original painting at home)

            MERRY  CHRISTMAS !

Several months ago I shared my lyrics ‘Let His Love Remain In You’ on Marcsjustice blog. I wrote them while writing one of the defendants in Marc’s case. In the song I’m sharing excruciating painful sentiments like how I’d like Marc to be there for me when it’s my turn to go ‘home’ to the Lord. I also thought that’s how God is …. he’s always there with arms wide open, wanting us to turn to him for all our needs.

Anyway, a worship leader/attorney friend of mine, Rob Reed, composed music to the lyrics and he’s put the song in his recent CD, ‘Greatest of These’.  There will be a CD party/Christmas Concert next Saturday, Dec. 17th, at LIFEhouse Church in Northridge. We’d love to see you!

Below is a streaming version of our song in case you can’t make it :

http://robreed.com  –   To purchase copies

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