Justice with a Twist

I went thru a roller coaster from hell for two weeks prior to the sentencing, with all the preparing for travel, a statement, etc. I had the worst time preparing my heart to go up, I went thru days where I had a mental block about attending and wondered even if I should go? I had waves of fear, dread and wondered if I’d faint? I lost sleep and came down with a lung infection/cough on the day of the Sentencing. But the day before I left something lifted in my spirit, I began to feel, ‘I can do this, this is not going to be so scary.’

I need to say right off …. I took part in some real justice and healing! It was way better than I anticipated! I’d prepared a speech but when I delivered it, it was sorta anti-climactic. I imagined I’d have some deeper feelings about the whole thing but I wasn’t so stressed out because I was somewhat prepared after participating in the hearing for the 1st defendant 2 weeks earlier.

My basic fear for Marc was that the defendant wouldn’t get a just sentence, but the D.A. assured me beforehand he would. Still I was afraid maybe the judge would change things up somehow, I didn’t know Oregon laws entirely and didn’t want to be blindsighted by some sentence of few years! That was my main fear going into this hearing, that Marc wouldn’t get enough justice ….. that the city would not see justice in their courts.

I just have to thank the Police Bureau and Courts of Portland for their quality work, their care for Marc’s case … they were like out of a dream! The world can seem so harsh in the best of times, but they were the loving hand of God every step of the way during a very painful, lonely ordeal! Even the defense attorney’s were a perfect match. I’m so gratified for how God honored Marc and gave him justice!

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