A Thorn From the Start

I want to share an alarming fact about Marc’s case. Our family and the city of Portland were pulled into the case thinking the crime was a very macabre incident!! The whole idea of ‘killing for sport’, like one of the first suspects intimated to the news, was wrong! The suspects remarks about himself were horrifying not just to me, but our family and friends. Even the judge remarked how the crime made people fearful of the downtown Portland area.


One of the first two suspects caught said he was ‘a psychopath who liked to size up weak people to attack’! I was told by a Detective the guy was a registered sexual predator! The suspect further mentioned that the second suspect ‘liked to stab people and enlist others to help him do it’! It seemed like pure evil had come up against Marc that night and shattered our peace loving family members and friends!

Everyone develops opinions about evil, crime …. the right definitions of those harsh subjects. We all turn into amateur sleuths, our gut instincts come to the surface when a violent crime comes near a loved one. When you hear things like what the above suspect stated even the grown men in our family/friends had a hard time comprehending that type of evil!

A predator who brags about his criminal personality physically sickens us, it’s so repulsive to come up against a criminal mind like that. We’ve been thru the ringer emotionally and mentally with this crime against Marc. Normal peace loving people don’t deal with evil like that, it’s such an affront to our sensibilities. Yet there are people out there who do prey on others in various ways, I’m not naive.

Anyway, after the above suspect was released I was stunned! I started to wonder if  justice would fail us, fail my son! I wondered also how that guy was even let out in the world again to prey on more people! But I believed the lead detective was doing right and didn’t question the decision. I read in the news the next morning the entire story.

The point I want to make is that from the very beginning our family, the public & even I suppose the detectives, were all thinking there must have been some crazy maniacs out there that night! The real truth wasn’t all that revolting, but it just goes to show how one guy with a grandiose sense of evil imagination can set off a whole family, city, court! One player who was not directly involved in the incident deceived us into falling into this awful spiral of supposed human depravity.

I’ve discovered for several years to be so careful about the first words I hear when listening to news reports on TV. Listen to the facts, make sure of the ‘source’ of the news, what the objective is? There are people out there spouting alot of jibberish, who don’t care for truth and who want things to revolve around them.  Test them!

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