Letter to Defendant Andrew’s Parents, Family

(I haven’t heard from Andrew’s family but have wished they would contact me. I was told twice by Nicole Jergovic, Marc’s D.A., that Andrew’s step-mom had contacted her with a message for me.  I was told his step mom wanted to relay they were so sorry for my loss.  She asked if she could write me but I’ve never received anything. Nicole told me Andrew’s step mom mentioned, ‘our family isn’t like that’. It really felt good hearing her condolence. I know Andrew’s been in contact with his mom in prison, she and I once sent the same Bible verse to him he told me.  Andrew was in pain about some family members not contacting him. We all have to deal with family who look down on us after the crime, but much good is coming out of the tragedy so we’re not defeated!)

Nicole Jergovic, D.A. for Marc’s case

Dear Metzner Family,

I hope this letter finds you well. I pray you are healing from the effects of the crime. We’ve had some time to process what happened to my son in October ’14, and you’ve had to deal with your son in prison.

I don’t know how much you know, or if you’ve read my blog, but I’m in contact with the lesser defendant in the case, Wesley. It’s been a blessing to work out the pain associated with the incident with him. He’s actually a very nice young man as is Andrew.

I know you may have questions about the incident? Have you read any online newspaper or TV news re: the crime? Having been in court a couple times helped me get the info I needed to assess what happened that night.

I know you have your own lives to live, and perhaps other children to be concerned about but I hope you all are rallying around Andrew completely, as he heals and gets his life back. He’s written me from prison and I’m so amazed at how articulate he is, how honest, strong and desiring to be a good young man he is despite what happened.

Just so you know, I don’t sit around and stew about the past …. the ‘what if’s’, the ‘could have beens’ for Marc’s future. I just can’t let myself dwell on that kind of thinking! It would accomplish nothing and rob me of peace and a future. I’m not holding grudges against the boys or you.

There’s good coming out of this tragedy our sons had a part in. I don’t want to go into my continual longing for my dear son, you can read my blog to keep up with that side of my loss. But I want to let you know Marc’s family isn’t harboring hate towards you or your son. Andrew has felt my forgiveness, he’s got alot of maturity for his age, you really have instilled some good things in him!

Writing Andrew has been one of the highlights of my life after the tragedy! I didn’t know what to expect from him but it’s been such a blessing to hear him share that his life is in a better place because of Marc. He’s been thru alot for his young age. (I hope you’ve listened to the TV news clip of his statement at sentencing! It meant the world to me what he said.)

I think it would help us all if you’d contact me. You can leave a comment on this blog and I’ll get back. I think of you all often and will for the rest of  my life. The tragedy that occurred involved 3 good young men! That’s a major part of the tragedy. I don’t know how much Andrew told you about how the crime occurred but there was alot of confusion that night, and my son was inebriated. Andrew didn’t decide to hurt Marc just out of the blue.

What I’m so seriously angry about now, and what makes me write my blog, is that our country has an epidemic going on involving our children and most of us don’t know it or talk about it! We’re looking mostly at the world’s answers to raising kids, and loading all kinds of pressures to be successful on them that we never had to endure. Kids need more family support and a belief system that can carry them during tough times. I’m so grateful for the faith that Andrew and Wesley have, it’s a sign that God is in this ordeal!

I know the event of October ’14 will cause pain all our lives, but we can go forward. I hope you know also the altercation could have been much worse for your son! We all were blessed by the way Portland Detectives, D.A., the defense teams all worked together to bring an honorable closure to the tragedy. There could have been poor legal teams, rotten Police, more physical harm to the two boysl but things worked out for the best under the circumstances.

TV News clip of Andrew’s sentencing, June 3, ’15 –  (click below)

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