Another Jail Sentence

There was another court appearance on July 7th for the lesser defendant Wesley. I want to protect his privacy to a degree so will say the infractions were minor basically, probation issues, etc. It may seem to some ‘he’s a loser, his life is out of control’ but I’m so much more encouraged for his future after the hearing!

Downtown Portland, OR Old Courthouse

As I’ve mentioned before, there’s an epidemic of youth floundering without any solid adult grounding in their life these days. It’s not that Wesley doesn’t have any family …. he does, but they are estranged from him mostly. I’ve been staying in touch and watching his growth and hard times for awhile. I know what his character is like …. so I understand what he’s capable of growing into.

Anyway, the last hearing brought back the memories associated with the original hearings for Marc’s murder. I wanted to cry, feel terror again but I had to listen so intently thru the phone to the proceedings, I had to put my feelings ‘under’. Wesley had a new attorney, someone from a neat Public Defenders Law firm that helps indigent and poor persons. I’ve been sooo impressed by them …. one guy writes these great articles on human compassion  for the less fortunate, and he’s not even a Christian. Marc’s original D.A., Ms Jergovic, and the original Judge, were on this case again.

I’ve shared in the past how any subsequent arrests for the two defendants are hooked automatically to the original murder case, so it’s not like you can avoid probation or get into a fight, and it’s seen as a separate infraction. So …. everyone knows you as this person who’s been in a murder case who’s now re-jailed due to probation issues, etc! The shame/fame follows you around. Ugh! What a heavy load for a 21 year old who’s so honest and gentle mannered to be around, but what a strong man he was in court! I tried to be so strong for him, D. A. Nicole and the Judge, but oh, the ‘memories’, the flood of feelings …. and the fear & sadness for Wesley.

Keller Fountain, Downtown Portland, OR

I was so grateful I could participate by phone! This was an important hearing as yes, he was given 39 more days in jail …. but, I think this time he’ll get the help he so needs! I got to speak twice, so cool. I told them I trusted their decision, but I relayed how Wesley was a foster child, then adopted and has had life stacked up against him in many ways most haven’t. He didn’t finish High School as he was told he had a test evaluation that didn’t give him bright hopes for his future. In my view, he just hasn’t had the encouragement of parents, mentors to know how to go out in the world!  There’s more to the story but he’s not a bitter, rebellious young guy who uses drugs but someone who’s very trusting, respectful and normal around me and in our many communications.

In most court hearings not alot is unknown as many things are decided beforehand …. so it’s not a surprise what the exact charges are, the sentence is. But I was so grateful I was allowed to speak because I believe it may have impacted Judge Immergut’s recommendations for Wesley. She listened receptively to my suggestions, and gave some instructions for Wesley’s future with counseling, etc. that I know he’d learn from! He’s recently been housed at a 501(c)3 Youth Rescue facility, and asked for some ‘anger management’ counseling, so he’s learning to speak up better for his genuine needs.

There are those in our society who are living a world outside our churches, families, jobs. As we go to work, shop, drive thru the streets we don’t see them for the most part. There are many going thru difficult times we know nothing about. If you saw Wesley you’d think he was a normal young man …. he’s clean, social yet private, and has a circle of friends after the ones who abandoned him for the crime. He’s funny like a normal teen and shares silly, yet thoughtful things on his FB account. He cares about me when I share certain things. He opens doors for me and has asked for a hug a few times …. this is a 21 year old, with good manners and kind heart! Not some crazed ‘murderer’ type. We can talk so freely, you might think we’re related except for his reddish blond hair.

God many times puts us with people we never thought we’d have anything in common with, only to find out they are a ‘bridge’, a comfort that few could be. In this case Wesley and I are drawn together thru a great pain, and we can be ourselves because we’ve been thru a horrendous tragedy together. We don’t have to put on ‘aires’, run thru hoops, etc. There’s few in the world I can relate to who care about the case, the topic of violence. I feel Marc is involved in helping this young man find his way! I’m finding MY way thru knowing Wesley too! I don’t feel the pain of the murder is wasted when I’m with him! Marc is not forgotten!

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