Spiteful Legal Battles Over Cakes, Etc.

Question? If a baker bakes all items for you except a wedding cake, is his refusal a righteous reason to bring him to court? I don’t know if it was the couple or some attorney who got wind of a recent refusal in CO, and made a big fuss over it, but what a sorry mess to spend so many months/years of anguish …. over a bakery item!

Downtown Portland Ralph’s store bakery items – ( D.D.)

What is the average person to think of this issue? Is the case about proving this one baker is ‘hateful’ by not baking for the couple? Was this baker out to destroy gay ‘rights’? We do understand in our conscience there’s a huge insinuation by the media and many that all Christians are like this baker, all Christians are ‘hateful’ or homophobic.

Say I’m a redneck, and I went to a Jewish or Muslim wedding planner/baker, and wanted to serve pork ribs at a reception, and they refused, would they be denying me my civil rights? Does that mean they are hateful towards me? Would I take them to court? No to all ‘3’. I wouldn’t expect them to use pork in the first place, I’d just go somewhere else and save the fuss. My conscience would tell me they are saying no because of their conscience, not out of overt prejudice against me.

Christian’s are taught to live peacefully in communities, not breed strife, or be easily offended. Not baking a cake for someone’s marriage does not defame the wedding couple, doesn’t shut down their marriage, doesn’t do anything harmful but perhaps cause them to spend more gas money to go some place else.

What’s the point about punishing someone for obeying their conscience in one tiny instance when they have a public record of providing great service to ALL for years! This fuss isn’t over a bad law like ‘segregation’, it’s about a one time denial of business! It’s not about the government’s role in our life but a private business owners stance. It just irritates, confuses much of the public trust to hear of these court battles.

Lutheran Church , Downtown Portland – (D. D.)

Many Christian’s refuse to stand by their conscience or religious beliefs but there’s a few who won’t bow to ‘mob media’ edicts. And when a brother is dragged into the news over a principle, over a cake, ….. for spite sake, what should our reaction be? God gave every man, woman and child a conscience so we can be our own judge, so we can rule our lives like a king, (or President). God intended us to use our conscience so we could avoid messy, vengeful court battles and keep our communities peaceful and strong. We’ve got enough problems as it is.

This whole cake baking issue would never get into the news unless a few were so terribly offended, or had the money to hire an attorney. The simple solution for these matters is to just go to a different baker. Let Christians serve cakes, cookies, etc to gay people, but not compel them to provide cakes for weddings if their conscience says not to.

There shouldn’t be duel standards among certain factions in our culture, but there are. All these tweet battles, media insinuations just confuse youth nowadays. What are teens thinking when they hear our culture say an unborn baby isn’t considered ‘human’ and but has ‘rights’? To see certain groups of people getting special treatment just leaves a hallow feeling to some struggling youth’s hopes for their future.

God didn’t give us a conscience by accident but He meticulously constructed us with one inside! He didn’t give us one to work at our whole life so we’d later on give it over to ‘mob’ consensus. Some of us love our church, family or jobs so much we automatically start agreeing with them on matters we need to relegate to our conscience first. Believe me, in many instances your church or family will say things that are very divergent from your personal sense of order, and you need to ‘prize’ your conscience!

Our conscience helps us in so many kinds of situations. It’s our guide when we don’t have the words to understand why we’re feeling so strong about an issue. It helps us when family is fractured, our finances are suffering or our political climate shifts.  We all have one but we have to keep it from being warped! Without it working right everything we desire is doomed …. personally or as a culture!

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