Happy Birthday In Heaven, Marc – September 30

Today a part of me wants to ask God why He didn’t take me instead of Marc?

It’s so confusing to have all these memories of birthdays and the Fall beauty but then have to remember the loss of my youngest son!

September is a glorious time of year. I recall the crisp Fall day I brought you home from the hospital, Marc. Never will forget it. I remember feeling, ‘this is what having a family is supposed to be like’.

Preciousness itself –

Just want to say again sweetheart how much I love you! God was so great to give me you as a son and friend! The son side sorta melted away and you became mostly a friend. You were always easy to be around, always had a great way of dealing with life no matter what was going on. Your authenticity was the best part of you! Knowing you just kept getting better all the time.

You’re gone from my physical sight now but always with me in the things around home, or my thought life, my blog life! Your presence is with me in so many ways! And you’ll keep being a blessing, so that makes me happy to continue a legacy.

It’s not over, Marc! God’s not finished with your case, your life yet! The love we shared, the dreams we had …. even the pain we went thru …. it’s built a fabric that I cherish!

‘Neither life nor death can separate us’, darling! Happy Birthday in heaven, Marc!

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