Pres. Trump’s Tweets, Rant’s

Alot of us know our President is a man who likes to speak his mind, heart to the public too frequently on certain issues, and at times it offends some people. His remarks likely aren’t going to stop as he’s a passionate guy and he needs to express often so he doesn’t have a heart attack or yell at his family or whatever. Like me he’s got ADD or something similar, I know what it’s like to have a totally stressful day and come home to bad news, criticism from people that causes me to yell sometimes out loud in my home, just to release my frustration.

The other day Pr. Trump singled out a few hundred NFL players and I wish they’d have reacted to his remarks better. They didn’t think their actions would affect so many millions so diversely or strongly.

I understood Mr Trump was venting his own displeasure re: a few of the players. He was forgetting he was not a private citizen any more. He let his offense get the best of him. But the players also should have walked away from ‘offense’!

All this ‘kneeling’ reaction has made a mess of social media again. I never dreamed people could take Trumps remarks and the players reaction and let them bleed into …… vet issues, race issues, flag issues, Constitution or military service issues, patriotic issues, cops killing blacks, the reason you were forced out of an old job, how ‘rude’ or bigoted your FB friend is …. on and on! I’ve read them!

I have a life to live! We all do! Whether you have a regular job, we all have a job to do each day and we have MANY issues to be concerned about every single day! We have serious family issues, work issues, health concerns, rising costs to bug us, stupid food marketers to grumble about and we don’t need to be derailed by issues not pertaining to us personally or those intended for a few people.

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People with normal lives know the best thing to do if a slight is made or perceived towards them …. we walk away …. we are the bigger, stronger person when we ignore a criticism! We are to defend ourselves if a comment is trying to destroy our reputation, or integrity but we don’t have to react back in anger. This kneeling issue is so jumbled, no one is sure what it stands for! The President spoke to the players and they in turn perceived it too strongly and then millions are upset and some will boycott the games, clubs!

Tune out ‘offense’! It’s not emotionally sound to get all upset by a name someone calls you. Jesus told us not to take on the offenses of others as well, we don’t need to take on anyone elses anger. ‘Woe unto the world because of offences! for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh!’  It’s a comment for the person receiving the supposed ‘offense’, don’t take the bite! Resist anger! You can ruin so much by how you take a slight.

The masses and large organisations have an increasingly short memory and fuse, don’t trust them to read a persons character right at first! Tim Tebow wasn’t allowed to show God thanks by kneeling, the football world has some strange reasons for deciding things. The business and political worlds set up their rules too based many times on money, power, etc. Even the news world has gotten in this by following the anger, the celebs and forgetting good news stories.

If anyone should feel offended, it’s parents of murdered kids, but I have to lay down my anger. I have alot of it still but I can’t release it or it would ruin mine and Marc’s legacy. It’s not how God wants things to end, with people hating the defendants, hating Portland or whatever!

We can live in this world together peacefully but only if we know how to tame our tongues (knees).

Matthew 18:7 – Woe unto the world because of offences! for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh!

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