What This Blog Is And Isn’t About

I never sought the blogging life! It’s a role I reluctantly took on because of what happened to Marc. I was more into singing, music, trying to get a screen play sold, so blogging has been a big shift. I’ve had to learn alot in a short time because while I was trying to get justice for Marc, and encourage myself to stay the course, I was trying to learn how to say things in a blog so people would get some message. I didn’t want to selfishly babble!

I’ve read enough about blogging. Many people start a blog, then stop. For some it’s an exercise and for others it’s a deep desire to communicate a message. My initial message was to share about Marc’s case, but it’s become much more. As you work out ‘what’ you want to say, you also have to work on the ‘way’ you say it, the ‘craft’ of writing is almost as important as the message. Marketing is another big part of a blog, that’s one part of a blog I’ll be working on more.

There are different types of bloggers …. some are ‘how to’ writers, some give statistics on finances or tech stuff. I’ve enjoyed personal stories and biographies since a child, and have leaned towards a diary style of blog. But also because of my studies and love of history I have a love of gathering facts and reporting with a sense of time and place. So this blog isn’t always a personal narrative.

Shaping a blogging world

I totally love this medium! I like the part where I share my photos of Marc, my travels to Portland, as I think it adds to the credibility of my story. I believe having ones own photos give a sense of credibility to a journey, people need others to help root them on their path, there’s so much uncertainty these  days.

Since I’m a serious blogger I’ve had to ask myself some critical questions, as there are specific components any serious writer has to deal with. Like …. what’s my ‘voice’? What’s the underlying theme I wish to convey? Who is my audience? And what are their views, needs in reading a blog long term?

Some of the answers have to come from values you hold within. I’ve always valued songs, friends, pastors who I felt showed their true inner self as well as their strengths. So, authenticity is a very important component for me to relay in my posts. I think people today are hungry for real life, no matter what form it’s in. I hope I convey that I’m a normal woman trying to live an integrous life in the midst of personal and cultural upheavals.

Marc w me in Sedona

Also, I think people today are craving to hear about others who have some credibility in life …. someone who lives in a particular region, with a specific job and life and values herself. Do you know how many out there in the web world are trashing life, hurting themselves and others? They don’t know what’s normal, what they believe in and I like to think I add some value to this world. Like me or not, I have a voice with a belief system attached.

If you’re explaining my blog to someone it’s more than just about grief over a child, but it’s about having a life of victory over death. I’m not a Bible teacher, I used to hide behind bible verses, but not any longer. I don’t use ‘XYZ’ scripture to avoid facing my grief or give a ‘how to’ on surviving tragedy. XYZ scripture is my bedrock, you can’t survive what I did without it. But if I didn’t act on the Word then it would mean nothing! You have to take a scripture and say, ‘this means something to me, I claim it’ And it works for me daily as I commit my human struggle after the crime, the defendants, etc.

You don’t have to study the Word night and day every day of your life, you have to meditate on it enough to find the verses right for you. Your child’s premature and tragic death never goes away, there’s no biblical ‘quick fix’. You walk it out daily. It’s an emotional shock, an intellectual dilemma, besides a spiritual battle. If you ignore your emotional or mental healing, it’s just a healing based on spiritual truths but it’s not that helpful to anyone but you alone. That’s the crux of the matter …. faith without integrity in every area of life has little effect!

I believe we need art forms where people see it’s okay to show human emotions, share personal values while going thru tragedy. People need to see the highs and lows of life. We live in a drugged society often where many people fear normal consequences to life passages. I hope in my blog people can see God is not afraid to deal with our desires, struggles. I try to share universal things we go thru as humans, but not everyone accepts the dark side of life.  Blessings!

‘The work of a true believer is evident by scars! If I suffer with Him,

I will also reign with Him. Our scars tell a story.’  L. Cole

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