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This blog is pretty much the telling of victory over personal tragedy, but it’s also a commentary on faith and culture as seen by a mom who’s still deeply missing her son –

As sad as it is to lose a child, I still have to remember it’s important to write a blog correctly ….. with the right tone, respect and rules that any publication should follow.

When I started the blog it was a very emotional time in my life, but I think very spiritually charged up. I didn’t know what I was writing part of the time! The blog at first was meant to relay facts on the case to family and friends as I wanted justice for Marc more than life itself. But then it saved my life by becoming a place to share my grief, depression, good memories of Marc. Later on I shared about faith and culture, as I could not have survived without God.

The blog’s course shifted to include the defendants and traced their progress thru letters or visits with them. I’ve written that their remorse has made a great impact on my heart. Healing with broken, humbled offenders is a vital part of recovery after a homicide.

I’ve read, watched many true crime stories and observed all kinds of criminals, crimes …. researched the backgrounds of criminals and the circumstances of crimes. I looked at youthful crimes, crimes committed for all kinds of reasons. I even reflected on knowing relatives who were either many times deceptive or mostly very truthful while writing about the defendants. I shared how much I felt the defendants life circumstances were such a great factor in what happened that sad October night. They are paying for the crime in many ways, but to me it’s not only them that’s to blame but part of the problem was Marc’s making, a huge part is our mixed up families, fallen world.

In order to continue doing a blog in an ethical manner, I have to keep up with certain legal and audience preferences, so I want to make sure it’s understood:

  1. This blog is a non-profit production of my own reflections, but I sometimes share ideas or articles by others, and give them credit.
  2. Just because I’ve written about some true life events/people, it doesn’t mean all names are real. I may not be necessarily writing about you personally. I share some names, titles and have permission. The defendants gave me permission to write of them at times. I also frequently edit, delete after I publish if I think I’m not getting my point across or wrote in error.
  3. IMAGES: I photograph travels to Portland or use family photos, but sometimes shoot images from a newspaper, a TV news story. They are presented solely to bring credibility to my journey, or enhance a topic.
  4. PRIVACY POLICY – does not share your personal info.
  5. If anyone wishes to informally share my posts with friends, a class, or in a blog article …. feel free. If you wish to use any text from a blog for commercial purposes please request permission. Thank you.

Thanks and may the God who’s watched over Marc and I, watch over your lives as well!

 Loving relationships are …. everything! ‘Things’ will fade, blogs will die out, people will be fickle but real love never dies – D. De Han


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    You have a really nice blog and thank you for inviting me to come and check it out. I love your content that you write and share. Again, I’m sorry for your loss, but thank you for having such a great blog. I’m gonna check the box to be notified of new post via email. Be blessed in the name of Jesus Christ.

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