Charlie Rose And Protecting Youth

Watching Charlie Rose being ‘outed’ was shocking and heart-wrenching.

I’m not naive, I know his world is tied to the super rich, super powerful yet I never suspected he of all people would be accused of using his power to degrade innocent young women. You expect this conduct from some movie moguls , not ‘esteemed’ journalists.

I always understood many in entertainment and the jet-set have a code of ethics unto themselves, they broadcast it freely all the time. We know some individuals live a life without many standards, those in the regular world often don’t think celebrities lives affect us, but …. in reality they do.

To me Charlie was a journalistic giant revered by many. I’ve listened to his show but his style of interviewing contained so much schmoozing. But, he evoked an image of a fatherly or mentor type, not a guy with a perverted attitude re: women.

He didn’t live the life of a playboy with consenting women but picked on those younger and weaker than himself who were too fearful to fight back. He preyed on their trust in his respected position, that’s what’s so criminal to me. Those young ladies came to him to be mentored, not molested! And he has a ‘partner’ while all this went on.

Couple other things …. I was really not satisfied with his words of defense. I never write about issues I don”t research first, so I listened to what many news sources had to say, and heard him say, ‘they weren’t wrong doings‘. OMG. I read his statement, that he was ’embarrassed’ …. but he wasn’t ashamed. He said he thought some attempts with women were ‘shared feelings’, that he didn’t mean to harm anyone! Dear me.

Charlie apparently appeared nude with prospective employees, met a woman at the door in a towel, sent lewd phone msgs, groped women and whispered lewd remarks …. all ladies were young hopefuls ….. how is that not wrong doings? It’s important to share some facts so people can be informed, as this culture wants to white-wash every scandal.

Many young or inexperienced men have made a mistake with a woman on a date, but this was a pattern of Mr. Rose’s that was repeated in a private setting where the women felt they had no recourse. So, like Gayle, his co-host on CBS, he doesn’t get a ‘pass’ on this from many women.

I’m glad Gayle and Norah were deeply shocked publicly. It was awesome how they stood up for women!  I like to think offenders will fess up and wanna change! But It’s a long road to recovery for sex offenders they say, and I’ve heard of a few renouncing their lifestyle and seeking healing but, …. it’s critical to admit what you did was wrong. I’m not the judge of Charlie but all the intelligent words he shared with movie or political personalities are just smoke in the air now after we got a peek into his life. He has a lot of ‘splaining’ to do to be respected again by many out there eager for respectability in broadcasting.

Many of us have suffered abuse of some kind, but most of the time we learn what men or circumstances to shield ourselves from, and we quickly forget and try to go on. We know ‘guys can be guys’ once in awhile in the office or on a date and usually assume they’re being a jerk this once, so we forgive. But preying on younger women who trust you is different. The women abused in this case said they didn’t have anyone to tell, and actually that’s how it is with many women who suffer abuse!

Anyway, It’s a sad commentary for those super celebs who live without accountability, they put the rest of their entertainment or political companions in disrepute. The super powerful, super rich live in a world nothing like ours many times. Having people think you can do no wrong, having managers and everything done for you just takes you away from the day to day joy of life or challenges and breeds a lack of human understanding of the life others live.

Some people are just going to read his headline and forget it ever existed next week. But many women won’t, especially those in TV, journalism. They will keep it inside for a long time. Our sexual values are among the most important parts of our personality after our faith. Every little boy and girl wants to grow up to be loved, have a full life. God never asks us to forgo normal relationships for success.

We need to keep this conversation alive at home so kids can trust us and feel safe.  I’m so grateful for certain family members, churches and my profession where little boys and girls have moms and dads they can have warm, close relationships with, and where there’s trusted adults who know about right and wrong touching.




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  1. Chelsea Penning says:

    I find myself hoping we are in that phase of healing where sometimes doctors have to make it feel worse before it can get better, you know? Like chemotherapy to treat cancer or scraping away the dead skin on a severe burn victim.

    The two most hurtful to me were Bill Cosby, who I grew up watching and loving, and Neil DeGrasse Tyson, who made the Netflix show “Cosmos” that I think is so beautiful and spiritually moving. Tyson’s case wasn’t as public, but I saw his name on a list of famous offenders and looked him up. There is a woman who accused him of drugging and raping her while she was studying under him. It felt like a punch in the gut to read that!

    Still, these things must *all* come out into the light or we can’t move forward towards healing. Don’t they say that sunlight is the best disinfectant?

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