Merry Christmas from Marc & Diane


Most of us are still rushing around trying to put the finishing touches on our holiday plans.

We don’t like to think of what’s in the news ….. the threat of natural disasters, or fears re: a crazed dictator sending bombs on our country. Many of us have family around us, but some are sad or lonely at Christmas!

People in every era have to deal with threats from the outside or inside –

One of my students (used w/ permission)

2,000 years ago a little baby snuggled up to some cattle in a manger in Bethlehem not understanding his life was in danger or that he’d suddenly be whisked off to Egypt. Some people didn’t want this precious infant to live. But His parents listened to God and escaped the raging controversies around His life till He was ready for ministry.

Mary and Joseph could have lived in fear, or blame each other and say ‘why did I marry you?’ They could have complained to family or fought the Roman’s in Nazareth but, ‘no’, they decided to listen to God and press in for His purpose thru all the events that came their way as husband and wife.

Some parents are having a hard time feeling celebratory this season. Some of us have suffered a big loss. Some sons will not be home for Xmas in their uniforms, but are in heaven having fought in Iraq or Afghanistan. Some parents have lost their children to depression, suicide or drug O.D.  A teacher parent friend of mine shared how her good friends lost their son to suicide couple weeks ago. She said, ‘How do you arrive at the age of 16 and think life is not worth living? What can I say to my friends?’

Marc’s & my bikes adorned with a string of Xmas lites –

How do we live with the reminder of pain in this world at Christmas? Personally, I’m forming new habits as a result of my son being in heaven at this time. Many parents are finding the resolve to hold onto God’s promises and not those of our culture where we eat, spend or watch too much. It takes deep acceptance to watch others rejoicing with their families while you choke back tears in the bathroom or you want to cry out or scream in front of dozens!

God never abandons us in tragedy, or in good times …. nor in celebrations!  His work is ever ongoing. He’s about changing our preconceived notions of right or wrong and lining it up to His. He is always blessing!

There’s always the prospect of pain or danger in life. We can cave into events from the outside or the prospect of feeling cheated out of happiness on Christmas Day ….. or we can be grateful as well as diligent in the work we’re assigned to do and remember what God says, to ‘fear not’!

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