Arrested Again

I’m sad having to share this. The lesser defendant is back in jail!

I sorta knew this was coming. Over a week ago I got a surprise call from his Parole Officer. I was so elated he’d call me as I’m not his family, or legal counsel.

Anyway, I was told there was a warrant out for his arrest, and I got sad yet fearful for him. The warrant was issued as he hadn’t reported to his P.O. properly.  I told the officer I’d try to reach Wesley to tell him to turn himself in. I was also freaking out a little about my role in this, I didn’t want the law to think I’d harbor him …. I don’t know if they know I live out of state. As hard as it was to imagine him back in jail, I still wanted him to get ‘right’ with the law.

His life had not been getting better except recently he found a temporary place to live. He’s been robbed of his phone, beaten up once, and lived in a tent few times so he moved into a safer neighborhood. He’s just running scared and told me he’s afraid to go down into the area where the P.O. is cause there’s people there who want to hurt him! I know that area and there’s tons of homeless, some crime!

What really saddened me Saturday is that I messaged him to check and see if he turned himself in or not? He got back with ‘Merry Christmas’ and said he was calling to work things out with P.O. day after Christmas. Well, over hour later when I got home from the gym I had a text from him saying an officer was running his name (to see if there were warrants out on him)? He wrote, ‘ I think I’m being arrested. If you could please call E— (P.O.) I’d be so grateful.’ Then he said, ‘Merry Christmas, thanks for everything you’ve done.’

That was the last I heard, but for some reason his comments calmed me. I felt bad I wasn’t there for him when he needed someone to talk with. Later on I discovered he’d tried to call me too, but …. I’d been out.

So, he had Christmas in jail. I wondered what they served? Did anyone bake cookies to deliver to the inmates? Haha. I wondered if they had piped in carols? I prayed angels watched over him and that if anyone tried to hurt him he’d be dealt with by God’s spirit. I couldn’t be there but I could care!


9:30 PM –  He called …. he was just released! WOW! I thought maybe he was going to be taken to court again before released, but he rattled off all the times he was due to report to the P.O. until the quota was filled, or the months go by.

He told me he got some socks, boxers to help him out. And he took a ‘pink’ garment (he laughed), when no one saw, as he wanted to keep warm! (It’s been snowing in Portland a few days).

I’m glad we can communicate well. I want Marc’s case/legacy to evolve into something good. Instead of marching about some grievance, starting a foundation or being depressed or bitter ….  I’m putting my energy and love into the boys and a blog. I won’t let Marc down!

I’ve told Wesley people are praying for him, he liked that.

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