What Happens After We Die

Death isn’t an easy subject to talk about, but I feel led to share this today. Someone needs it –

It gives me much comfort to refresh my memory on how God deals with our transition from earth to the after-life.  He’s so involved in the details of when we go, how we go. No matter how we or our loved ones pass on God’s put alot of thought and planning into this part of our existence, down to minute details. From what I understand angels take our ‘saved’ one immediately into the presence of Jesus. Jesus even said to the thief on the cross next to him that He would see him in paradise that very afternoon. I can’t tell you what that means to me as a mother, to know Marc had angels there immediately with him during his transition.

Author Paul Benware says, ‘ In death there is no a cessation of existence but a severance of the natural relations of life. The believer has the guarantee that nothing, even death, shall ever separate them from the Lord Jesus. Believers are not abandoned even for a moment at the time of physical death.  Jesus said he would never leave his people, and He will not do so.”…. ‘Jesus has been victorious over death, and in the future He will destroy it.’

The unsaved, in case you wonder, stay conscious as well, but go to hell. I’ve read and believe there’s no ‘sleep’, purgatory or waiting station for the dead until the Second Coming of Christ and Judgement. We just go to either place immediately. I remember how Pastor Dana would explain good & evil, etc …. he said no ‘good’ God would force a person to go to heaven if he didn’t want to go. God gives us all freedom to choose what we do with our lives …. to choose God’s way or our own way.

Sign near cash register of local store – (D.D.)

Pastor Charles said at Marc’s memorial there’s a veil between us and our loved ones in heaven. There was something like a veil between heaven and hell between Lazarus and the rich man.  Or something like a chasm … a ‘separation’ where the occupants of both places could see each other. The rich man and Lazarus were in opposite eternal homes but the rich man asked Lazarus to warn his brothers about the torture in hell, so they would escape it,  But Jesus told him they have the Law and can decide for themselves where they want to go.

I’ve thought Marc is busily observing those of us on earth who love him, hanging out with us, visiting with relatives in heaven and listening in heaven to the plans for the end of this age. He can see what’s gong on in our house, the White House, in the Middle East, I’m sure his days, (nights, ha ha)) are so busy! But one day, death will be totally destroyed and Marc will have his body returned to him! Hallelujah.

There’s been such a travesty done to us in the West the last 50+ years!

Do you know anyone nowadays who talks about heaven? Do you know of anyone who teaches about it, writes about it, even preaches it? I never hear anyone share about it, sing about anymore. I’ve loved songs about heaven. There was a gospel song I used to sing along to,  ‘How Beautiful Heaven Must Be’. Not that we want to go there right now, but it gives us hope to know God has overcome death, and has a place for us without pain or sorrow …. forever!

But why would any millennial, snowflake want to go there? Our culture teaches them to desire life now, their own way, mostly. Maybe they saw a painting of heaven somewhere, of cherubs or clouds? The younger gen’s don’t hear of heaven thru music, media or novels. Few parents teach their children about their religious beliefs. And scary things that challenge our mortality, like the war on terror, is overseas, not here. If they want to get release from guilt, or release from the hard task of thinking of their own immortality …. they can get a reefer or something more powerful to put the pain off till another time.

Many of my readers are those who deal with the hurting in various degrees. I’ve raised sons and seen them and their friends struggles. My generation just swept these kinds of things under the table mostly, but I can’t live like that now. People will appreciate it.

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