Chinese Hacker Comments & Mr. Trump

I get a number of comments re: my blog & monthly updates but almost always thru my personal email, texts. One of the things about allowing your blog to be read by the wider world is that you will come across people who have no interest in your views, or no interest in being a good steward of the web.

For roughly a year I received around a dozen comments per day from some Asian country on this blogsite.  (I’ve assumed they were Chinese, not N or S Korean or Japanese.) The comments are in ‘Chinese’ mostly, but sometimes they paste something from a U.S. golfing or football website on their comment, but it’s sent from their Chinese address. I’ve wondered if they read English and really know what my blog is about, but if they did, what are they doing pestering a grieving mom?


I was respectful at first and thought they were reading my entry and were offended by something in my content that was not acceptable in their culture. But now I believe they never understood anything. I wondered if they were idle college students, hired by the government or a business or just a group of techies trying to wreck havoc on whomever to get identity or financial info? The thing is, they constantly told me to moderate usually one main entry, not others. Who has idle time to bug Americans? Or moms who’ve lost their son?

Anyway, to my amazement, few weeks ago they dried up …. gone away entirely! Wow! It happened the day the Chinese President set foot on California soil. I know one of the topics Pres. Obama shared with the President was the Chinese hacking issue, so I thought the Chinese President really did have an effect on my Chinese hackers.  It’s been nice to have them gone but I know they probably aren’t stopping altogether but are making plans for another way to destroy peoples lives.

Mr. Trump mentioned the ‘Chinese’ problems, I remember vaguely some info he said  …. and believe me, there are some huge problems going on with China re: their economy! National & business ethics! If you read any business news, follow nightly business reports or invest …. you know they’ve had serious problems with their stock market (down last month 1/3 or so). I saw something on the news about the average man losing their retirement. Their banks are not the most stable or ethical. Their currency has been devalued, they are messing with the U.S. ‘dollar’.

Few years ago I owned a promising U.S. stock but it was hit hard because a Chinese customer that had been purchasing 1/3 of their volumn suddenly refused to pay for their orders, thus causing the stock to collapse. There was a suit filed against that Chinese business. There are other similar stories, and Trump is a businessman so he knows that stuff, like some of us regular folk do. There are deep problems within our economy but we don’t have the severity of corruption they do!

I’m glad to know I live in a world where I can mourn freely, I can protect against hackers, and I can have enough facts to make up my mind about things that are important. Proverbs 15:28 says, ‘The heart of the righteous studies how to answer.’ Words like that remind me to listen before I speak, research my opinions so that I can live with myself and others. Marc was pretty careful like that. Lying, corruption, sending malicious emails stem from matters of the heart. No matter if a hacker, a country or the average person …. our hearts desire always come to the surface and steer our outcome the right or wrong way.

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Theyyyyy’re back!!!

2 Weeks later …. not as bad as before, nice!

Early March 2016 – They died off few months ago ~ Yeah!

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