Good News and …. God News !

An UPDATE for MJ readers re: book, defendants & documentary ….

Marc’s journey continues up a notch!

A few months ago I wasn’t sure I wanted to write a book just yet. I knew it would be different from most topics out there as I write on a sensitive issue but I realized I have a certain blog following, and that some in the secular and Christian community would welcome frank coverage of tragedy and violence. I’d been knee deep with other projects so was busy as it was.

After friends expressed their excitement for the possible CNN documentary I began hearing more encouragement to write a book. Something started to ‘click’ inside, and I realized I could use my blog posts for some of the narrative. There’s alot of tedious stuff involved in writing a book itself, so ….  I realized I frankly wasn’t up to creating new content after I shared the story already in a blog.

While this decision was being made I was reading books by FB friends, and meeting other writers thru a FB writers group. I’d been an Eng Lit major and read widely and studied styles, content, but actually writing a book is a big undertaking, and I wanted more input. This new group is so much different from other bloggers/writers groups! It has the best focus. During this period I also came across and wrote an article for a wonderful writing site, Christian Writing Today. It’s got loads of free helps but also honestly discusses the problem areas, even our own wrong thinking, pride, duh! Yes, you can pay for guru’s, writing coach’s but you can learn alot on your own just to get a realistic idea before you start. It was like the door opened wider from all these resources.

Marc with Rose

All this input from various sources helped me assess why it was I really wanted to write anyway. There’s nothing more ridiculous maybe than a person trying to fit a round peg into a square hole, I don’t want to try something that’s not really ‘me’, just because I have a blog, future goals for or cause people encourage me. For me, my personal life comes first, I’m not going to chase some nebulous ‘fame’ monster and I’m not going to become a ‘martyr’ to some cause‘ and lose all perspective like some people do, secular or Christian.

As I was seeking the right way to portray Marc’s tragedy it was crazy how God placed certain people right in front of my path, and the dots connected. I think one huge key aside from just having writing skills,, is knowing who you are in your ministry needs, and not chasing the world of ‘numbers’ only or of ‘pride’. I feel the message in Marc’s legacy comes off loud and clear on it’s own, and that’s what guides me, even tho there are stages that are painful to walk thru still.

On another note, last Saturday a contact I’d made a few weeks back called and now I’m hooked up with the best ministry in Andrew’s prison! It’s just way over what I dreamed could happen, as Andrew really needs a ‘community’ at TR, and it’s actually all set up and thriving. This contact also led me to a former ABC Dateline filmmaker who lives in Oregon. She’s worked on films with inmates before, and since I’ve written a screenplay, I feel there’s potential there for the future, which is what I’ve wanted all along!

     Some of the things we really want take time. Trees take time to grow, love takes time to develop but …. weeds grow fast –

Timing is so important in every aspect of life, and if we can accept that, we can live at peace with the goals we have and the tumult around us. Marc’s D.A. didn’t just go to college and pop on over to the Multnomah Court House …. she studied, trained with cases, grew in knowledge and skill. At times I’ve fretted over how to deal with the defendants, some doors seemed closed, but my prayers never cease.

We aren’t alone, others are so open to helping you bring God’s agenda to pass. That’s what I hoped for from the beginning, that He would help me complete Marc’s legacy!

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