If You Could Hear Them …..

Can you hear them?

If you knew their story, it would likely make you cry …..  I’m talking about African orphans …. Oregon inmates –

Inmate art donations sold to help orphans –

It’s so great how God works! I heard about Visions of Hope ministry leading services at the main defendant’s prison, Two Rivers, but I never knew they worked with an organization that unites African orphans with prison inmates!! I mean we all think inmates are these mean, gangster losers, right? Nah!

Visions of Hope travels to various prisons in Oregon and inquires if any inmate would like to donate art with the proceedings going to an orphanage in Kenya. They also ask if any inmate would like to be pen pals and sponsor an orphan?

You can read some stories at the link below and also view examples of art pieces which you can buy at very modest prices. Log onto this site and let your eyes do the talking –  http://visions-hope.org , 

An inmate from Two Rivers writes:

I thought about sponsoring but my past mistakes stopped me. Thank you for coming to prison and convincing me I could help a child. I try not to cry here. It shows weakness. I got a letter today from Jasper, my sponsored child. He called me ‘Dad’. The tears of joy flowed in my cell. Later in the day, your chapel service included the surprising plan of someone who would match my $5.00 per month. I cried twice today. The second time I didn’t care who saw me. Because I needed to tell someone how amazing my life is!’

There’s a documentary about these disparate groups called ‘Lost and Found’, here’s a short clip  ….   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnbZwfj7Pvg

God brings the oddest people together for His purpose. There’s a quiet yet profound story on those web pages.

Metal sculpture by inmate -story here, check out the video of the participants and view the art projects online at the visions-hope.org site above!

Sometimes people you never imagined could be in this world can become a staunch friend of yours. Don’t check off a person, he might be an angel to someone –

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