Look Who’s On Our Side

I‘ve been in contact with Dale and Sandy Russell from Visions of Hope recently. They visit Oregon prisons and have the most precious burden for the guys there. They know of A—–, the main defendant in Marc’s case, thru me, and last week sent him a letter which I’m sharing. I asked Dale if I could share and he said, ‘go for it!’ For a young man without a dad in his life, it’s a perfect letter to receive. Please pray Sandy & Dale will connect with him on 9/11 ….. Who said, ‘angels’ don’t exist ?

Dear A—–,

Just a quick note to let you know of an upcoming event at TRCI.  Riding High Ministries will be presenting at the facility on Sept 11.  This is an amazing demonstration with a horse – yep, a horse on site.  The process is to take a wild, unbroken animal and within an hour or two bring it to complete peace AND asking more of the trainer.  The trainer is Todd Pierce, the National Bull Riders Association Chaplain.  He has a way with horses that will astound anyone who watches.  He also brings his own experiences to the presentation that blends perfectly with how the horse does a complete turnaround in his outlook on life and discovery of life changing principles and solid hope for the future.

Sandy and I helped with RHM last year at SRCI and it left a lasting impression on us.  We will be at TRCI as volunteers (we are carded for TRCI) helping with set up and anything else needed.  We will probably have a guest or two with us as well.

We have a second goal in mind for this date.  We would love to meet you.  Our conversations with Diane De Han have given us an appreciation for her and the importance to communicate with you.  I know there must be a distrust for what she would like to do and for us, as total strangers, to want to meet you.  Why in the world would we want to do that?

Park in Downtown Portland, OR –

For whatever reason, God led Diane to contact us.  She convinced us you were important.  God continues to remind us you are important.  So, what do we do?  Our best reaction is to continue to reach out and see what happens.

God seems to have special plans, unique connections and constant surprises.  He seems to think Sandy and I have some sort of talent that sends us into prisons all over the state.  We never seem qualified, but He says different.  We hang on for the ride and ask for wisdom with what we hang on to and which direction our feet are pointing.  They sometimes bring us to guys named A—–.  We look forward to the possibilities because He started it!

Here’s what we hope happens; You get in touch with Chaplain Cardona and get on the ‘call out’ for 2:00 that day.  We run into you, OR better yet, you search us out.  (We would be the ones not in blue?)

A—–, we continue to pray for you and trust God for the rest.  Our vision would be for you to discover so much more than what we think you see right now.  What if there is a guarantee of new hope you may not have seen before and it starts on 9/11?  Wouldn’t you be just a little bit curious?  Our promise is there could be an amazing dscovery.  Please feel free to contact us before the date.


Dale & Sandy Russell

                                 Isn’t that the coolest letter?

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