Happy Birthday Son, Missing You

It’s Fall. The color’s and temperatures are changing but not my memory!

My son, my son has been removed from this place called earth and it’s his birthday today! I know most of you are busy with your own concerns this day but I have a deep memory glaring at me. It’s been almost 5 years since Marc’s been gone, joined with many others in heaven, yet he’s still so missed, loved!

It never stops, the missing doesn’t go away …. cause I can’t bear to say goodbye! I like remembering Marc, I like the memories of his personality, his views on life! The great way we could hang out together.

Marc wasn’t a selfish son interested in his own destiny, he cared deeply for others, as individuals and in the corporate sense …. I loved that about him. He modeled love to me, that makes me feel so proud and blessed. He was the most tenderhearted yet strong man I’ve ever met, along with my other son.

Just unbelievable the way five years has gone by! In this month of remembering I also have much to look forward to. There’s a legacy to finish that just has it’s own life, it’s own purpose.

Marc’s birthday is today, Sept. 30th. I don’t sit around and mope about how I’ve been dealt a bad hand in life, I can’t live in the past or think of things in those terms. I know where Marc dwells. It feels great to know that kind of thing, to be assured I’ll see him again. I’m also free from hating the people responsible for the crime. What a strong way to live!

Marc’s leaving earth like he did has turned my whole life around, others too have been affected deeply! Even one of the defendants told me it was maybe ‘fate’ that brought us together …. he too can see beyond the crime. You just can’t make up stuff like that!

Funny thing to say, I understand God’s love more than I did before Marc’s loss. Life is a lot grander than I imagined too.

Marc, you are so missed and loved! Time cannot erase our good times, your memory, Sweetheart! What a wonderful son you were!




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