It Never Stops, My Son

Sometimes on this journey with Marc’s legacy it seems the road stops, the brick wall goes up and life seems to come to a grinding halt. I can’t see past the wall, the sense of vision I had seems to evaporate! A dread feeling enters ….. it says, ‘There’s nothing else! That’s all there is to Marc’s legacy. You lost him, you’re taking this too far! Forget it.’

The ‘game’ of life –

We all have times where we question our true desires or wonder how they will pan out? We ask, ‘were they just idle hopes or something deep that has to be fulfilled’?  It’s not often but it does happen. Sometimes we just need a few new people or resources in our lives to help us know we’re on the right track.

Few weeks back I discovered a TV show I’d never seen before, “Dog, the Bounty Hunter’. Sure, I’d heard about ‘Dog’  years ago but I never knew how much his wife Beth and sons were part of their ‘family business’. I’ve been so touched at the way his family operates like a team and treat the fugitives ‘running’ from the law so well! They are downright angry with fugitives skipping court but so caring about their souls in the car drive back to jail. They even help people get jobs after they’re released. Both Dog and Beth had skirmishes with the law as youths and know the fears and anxieties of a fugitive, and how many can benefit from someone just taking an interest in them.

The show shares their family time, the honors given their work, their problems and they even pray for the people with warrants out. It’s been exciting to find more people like me who’re concerned about respect for the law but then care about particular defendants. Dog and his family hunt people down with the skill of a lawyer and detective, I’ve been very impressed.

I’m a very nerdy type half the time, so it’s been good to discover others outside of books and writing who’re there in the real world with a similar concern for others like me. I have a normal life but to some it’s weird. (There’s more in other posts on the story of the defendants in my sons case.) Meeting Dale and Sandy Russell of Visions of Hope in Oregon has been one of the best things to happen last year! They have a special connection with the prison the main defendant resides in, and have been a constant blessing on my journey!

Only in America!

I never chose this kind of life, I never expected Marc’s tragedy. I expected a good but I now know ….  safe life. But being mainly safe is not where it’s at!

It never stops, Marc, still missing you! It still seems unbelievable it happened!

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