That Time of Year Once Again –

                   ‘Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted’ –

Sometime in early September the ‘heaviness’ starts to creep over me again. It seems my limbs are full of lead, everything I want to do feels threatened!

Marc’s birthday is at the end of September, and two weeks later it’s the anniversary of his trip to heaven! It’s just the weirdest thing that he left earth on the same day as my birthday too! So many emotions run rampant at this time of year ….. the beauty of the Fall, the old birthday celebration routines now mixed together sad and happy. Replacing beauty and celebrations with death and separation leaves only one possibility …. resurrection!

Yes, it’s been a bitter adjustment at times where I was dragged into a life event way against my will but I don’t seek pity. I always appreciate condolences, as that tragic day shook me to the core! I truly felt the clout of the devil but I can’t tell you how much I relish remembering Marc’s smile, his wonderful ways, his love of life and God …. his desire to make a difference in this world  I can’t express how much I get in return for carrying the burden of his loss and sharing with others that hope can be had in this Age and that God is real!

We all were created with deep emotional needs that need expressing whether it’s joy or grief! We need to share our hearts in some way, and like the celebration of the anniversary of ‘9/11’ today, we should allow the pain in, and not refuse to feel grief! Emotions not released will backfire. Remembering our loved ones, remembering our country’s attack is important.

My sons Paul and Marc (L – R)

I and many others suffer loss all the time, but …. still, God is good! It’s OKAY to grieve, it’s okay to feel the loss and pain. God’s plans are not reckless but purposeful, no matter what happens to us or our loved ones!

 ‘Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted’ –                                                                             Matthew 5 – The Beatitude’s


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