30 Take Aways from the BK/Ford Hearing

For something so impromptu, so strange in some ways … the hearing sure made an impact on us!

Former Portland, OR Courthouse –

  1.  It was a ‘watershed‘ moment for our country.
  2.  The hearing showed us how the R’s & D’s manage a serious issue in person, who they tend to trust and how they judge the sexes.
  3. It says alot that the R’s gave credence to the ‘accuser’ but the D’s assumed BK was guilty.
  4.  I don’t believe every woman, I don’t believe every man on the basis of what they say happened. Other things like their personal life, motives need to corroborate their claims.
  5. The supposed ‘attack’ that was the focus of the hearing took place when they were minors!
  6.  I heard CF say she was scared her parents would find out she was drinking at a party when parents not home. So at age 15 she was drinking. Did she consume alcohol before or during the BK party?
  7.  What were the activities at the party …. dancing, swimming …. any activity with BK before the alleged attack?
  8.  Did anyone ever ‘vet’ the Dr. before allowing her to disturb our nations Congressional process?
  9. The most powerful tool we have as humans in getting over a real or perceived wrong done to us is to ‘forgive’. This doesn’t mean we forget, but we don’t let abuse determine our happiness.
  10. The hearing should not have been handled like a crime had been committed, it was not a trial or criminal proceeding, but an inquiry.
  11. It should not have been aired in public, but held privately. This hearing was created by a ‘leaker’.
  12. The risk for slander, libel was not figured in this public display.
  13.  There were so many conflicts that arose during the hearing, the unexpected was always happening. Most hearings, trials are more orderly, predictable.
  14.  The ‘prosecution’ was not ready for a loving father and devoted husband and son, or someone with a long history of decency in his community and on the bench.
  15.  The oft repeated reference to ‘hypothalamus’ was used to emotionally intimidate, like ‘proof’ she was accosted.
  16.  Too many in the media jumped to the conclusion he was ‘guilty before proven’ at the drop of a hat, which showed the public their true stripes.
  17.  CF’s side should have thot of the mid-term elections coming.
  18.  CF should have had her husband, children by her side to lend credence to her character, allegations!
  19.  I think the word ‘hypothalamus’ should be disallowed in court for at least 10 years.
  20.  What was CF’s motive for going to the party (someone invite her, she liked a boy, she liked to drink away from home)? Wish she’d been asked things like that so we could have established her motives, credibility. BK shared his motives, lifestyle.
  21.  All races, ages, professions, the sexes & foreign countries noticed how our government handled this sensitive matter!
  22.  Making an ‘un-vetted’ accuser a ‘hero’ at the expense of a man already vetted by the FBI several times … not smart!
  23.  Many husbands and wives have committed sexual errors and gotten stronger thru forgiveness.
  24.  It was more like the Senate Judiciary Committee was acting as a therapist.
  25.  Woman to woman ….. CF’s vocal ‘fry’ was not caused by one failed attack but a general disconnect somewhere. I was so puzzled by her vocal/emotional manner. Forensic body language experts report her making ‘pretty poses’, or defiant poses all the time thru questioning. She tried to manipulate thru ’emotional’ expressions, not facts, like a child does.
  26.  Seeking revenge ‘no matter what’ never heals trauma, it’s a cancer like jealousy. To heal you deal with the abuse, your own needs and you don’t seek to destroy another in public and expect that by exposing him/her you will be healed. Exposing someone in public is ‘getting even’.
  27. It’s hypocritical for some in our society to laud teen party movies & then turn & attack someone for doing what you say is okay!
  28.  Many Vets, crime victims go on after PTSD to have good lives.
  29.  Mr. Kavanaugh displayed his humanity, his loves, his record and his frailties … Dr. Ford needed to do that.
  30.  Treating any esteemed leader like a common criminal will not be easily forgotten!

To sum up in another’s words :

‘Why are we forced to deal with the possibility that something even happened to Dr. Ford …. even if something did happen to her, destroying a good man’s reputation and derailing the entire country is NOT the way to go about dealing with her problem.’    Young Democrats for Trump  on  Twitter



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