3 Things To Think About When Voting

The roster of candidates in any state isn’t always so nice and easy to understand at election time, but here’s some tips in casting your vote:

  1.  Hold the people you want to vote for to high expectations!  What is your  measuring rod for holding office? Think about what’s best for the whole country considering the internal and external threats going on around us? Listen to how the candidates ran their previous business, public office. They may not be perfect but are they people of personal integrity?

2.  Remember what the Bible says, ‘Judge a man according to his deeds, not his words.’ Now more than ever candidates are making wild statements. They lack an understanding of what’s going on in our country and what’s needed, and they can’t even manage their personal lives. Ask yourself, are they running to ‘self-promote’ or bring ‘hope’ to others? There’s many out there saying they want to ‘make a difference’ but behind their words is the desire for financial gain, lust for power or they want to re-make our country into their own model of alternative democracy. There really are poor candidates out there! Take notice!

3. Last but not least …. PRAY! Praying is powerful, it’s not just a token suggestion. God listens to our hearts and can intervene and guide us to the right info on each candidate or proposition, so that our votes count. Pray for a peaceful election outcome and for strength and wisdom for our country during these challenging times.

I’m so glad I had a son I could share our political heritage as a country with. It’s such a stabling force in ones life! I would not be who I am without this country! Neither would you!

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