Can’t Believe It’s That Bad …. (At The Top)

Some of my friends say they’re too ‘busy’ or scared of Twitter due to the negative side of it’s image. I recently joined and went thru months wondering what it was about, how I fit in or if I even liked it …. but I wanted to market my blog and book better so I was advised to sign up! (It’s helped open my eyes to the world, I’ve written about that in another post recently

I find Twitter helpful for creating community with like-minded people, but it’s also a great source for news articles or opinions different from mine. l like to read facts to see what’s going on, I’m not necessarily interested in commentary, but you’ll find it there. Twitter is about our thoughts or opinions …. not so much our day to day life with our family and friends like Facebook is, (but some sorta rely on it that way).

I’ve been asked how Twitter works. I tell people Twitter is not just a political platform where people shout at others but it’s a social, religious, business & cultural media feed of people and news sources that we choose to connect with or ‘follow’. You’re not deluged with comments from people you don’t sign up to ‘follow’. but you’ll find people sometimes screeching if you read hot button topic threads. You only read comments if you desire.  It’s become my chat place too but you can just make your reading platform.

Twitter is worldwide and you’d be surprised how normal and solid many people are. There’s a wonderful grassroots feel to it in some cases, it’s so great in that way! I follow Senators, pastors, professors, entertainment personalities and assorted others …. but beware, only join if you’re a really strong, mature person because it’s sickening to find that some of those big name celeb’s are predators (or have predators working for them).

Some ‘fruit’ you never want around

I’m warning mom’s & dads, grandparents out there …. there is a truly dangerous side to social media if your young one is naive or insecure. On FB we women receive ‘friend’ invitations from unknown men at times with totally made up names like Forrest Hunter, Major Caine. Guys hugging little children or doggies, or them standing in front of some war torn building …. and their account has no history! BOGUS people! Same thing with Twitter!

I don’t cry wolf when there’s no cause but I’ve heard horror stories on TV, and a mom in my relatives shared how her child was caught up in human trafficking! This stuff bugs me! I don’t want to think the youth in my family might be manipulated by some creepy predator, but the pressure is all around us! I’ve read about the huge human traffic effort out there and how they prey on weaker girls ….. men too. The lesser defendant in my son Marc’s murder case is involved in sex trafficking …. and it grieves me alot!

There IS a price in going ‘public’ with your opinions or life details, and I keep that in mind and block people on Twitter if I see they don’t have a ‘life’, any history that’s respectful of other, etc. I had a couple experiences recently where a couple of huge Christian ministry or Country artist super stars contacted me via DM on Twitter, wishing to know how I was  ‘doing’, and could they ‘get to know me’?’ One was male, one female.

On one search I happened to follow a major country super star, and got followed soon after. Soon after I got a DM saying :

     ‘I follow you on here because you’re a very beautiful woman and you seems like a nice person that I would love to know more about you God has a reason for all purpose.’ (his spelling)
I felt my skin crawl when I read that! What is going on out there? I checked to see if the site was a ‘fan’ page run by someone, but it was his official site. I un-followed instantly. I wondered if this was the ‘star’ himself or maybe the guy who manages his Twitter site!? You want to think the best about certain stars, the ones you follow who promote a so-called clean image. It’s a shock to find a possible predator in a guy like him. The other thing that was telling is that he has this new high-powered girlfriend! He’s on TV regularly and it creeps me out whenever I see him!
This is hard to share cause it makes women feel shame! I’m just sharing cause it’s really indicative of what others I’ve heard have faced. It makes me mad too as it’s so ‘low’ to use God as part of a predatory ploy! I feel like I’ve seen more into the abyss of the celebrity world, and need to be so vigilant!
Twitter can be great but you gotta be prepared for some trickery! I’ve been reading a book about the super elite ruling America and this was a personal wake up call to the deception they often promote! My view is that people without any normal personal values or family life will be open to any perverse thing that comes to their minds or hearts.
If we don’t speak up about where we stand or how we feel then we add to the deception out there! We can’t afford to be silent!
                  Speaking out and being vigilant have to be our new norm!


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