Happy Thanksgiving 2018

                HAPPY  THANKSGIVING!                                       (Rev. 11/19)

We have so many things to be grateful for this day!

But some of us know there’s something more behind Thanksgiving than people gathering for a routine meal every November. Just because we sit down to a sumptuous turkey dinner with a group of people doesn’t mean all’s perfect. It could be a very difficult time cause we might actually be feeling lonely or awkward surrounded by those we’ve known most of our lives!

When Marc was murdered 5 years ago my big plans evaporated and my life sorta seemed over. I couldn’t face the holidays well at all! I’ve been really surprised God didn’t allow me to stay that way. I miss Marc than you will know, but I love how I can still feel so connected to him. Even tho I’m still angry he’s gone, God’s shown me how to handle certain abrasive people, tough holidays.

Today I thought, what if Marc and I never valued our relationship? What if I kept his homicide case to myself and never shared about it on my blog for people to follow along and see the terror turn around? What if I just sank into depression or gave into some suggestion that I should ‘leave the dead to themselves, they’re of no use now’? I would never have discovered the power of making it out alive. I’d never have written a blog or started a book. Thru this long journey God’s always let me know, ‘I won’t let you keep Marc to yourself, He belongs not just to me but to the world. I won’t forget what happened to him and I’ll bless what comes out of his sacrifice.’

I’m so grateful for the people who modeled love to me in my hour of need few years ago! I’m glad I bypassed the desire to listen to billboards that told me to purchase something in order to feel better.  I’m grateful to live in a country that granted me the freedom to mourn as I needed and celebrate life once again. Our nation has given us so much, and I know I and others have been lax in appreciating her!

In the coming years this nation will require all men and women to be on deck, to use every bit of strength and ingenuity we can muster to turn this ship around.

We need to be unified, not divided. Merely eating the same meal together is a start, but we truly need to work at things, if we want to keep this place we call home a safe place, a place where we’re free to be ourselves.

I believe we need to remind each other at times that we share a common human nature. Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect and rekindle our common makeup,  heritage. But …. it means nothing if no action follows!

                           Happy Thanksgiving!

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