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Thank you for your condolences and comments in the last several years, they have been amazing, you have no idea!

This is an UPDATE on what’s going on with my blog and book –

Marc –

It takes enormous effort to write a book so I’ve posted here less frequently of late!

For four years I wrote in this blog about Marc’s murder case. I shared about grief, facing death and going thru a murder investigation. I talked about how it came about that I (and my family) could ‘forgive’ the people who killed our precious Marc. The forgiveness was laced with the deepest pain and anger, but we had to forgive. The crime was a brief misunderstanding in many respects, unintentional …. the defendants were youths in the wrong place at the wrong time …. a real tragedy, for those of you new to the blog.

I don’t foresee closing down MJ or not sharing about the case but I’ve intentionally been writing on certain cultural trends that I feel need to be talked about more openly. I don’t like being increasingly frustrated in my own country and need to bring up a couple things!

I love this country! I love that I can reside in safety and peace in my own home, community and have an avenue where I can say what I want. I have neighbors or co-workers from many cultures whom I love, so I’m not referring to a frustration due to people of color, immigrants. I know people of wealth and people in prison, so I don’t have problems with individuals who’re rich or poor or from different classes of society. I’m a charismatic Lutheran but work with Catholics, I love people of different denominations.  My frustration is due to a shift in the public attitude about life, government

I’m not alone! This past year I set out to research some trends that are going on in politics, pop culture. I joined Twitter and have exchanged opinions with various people on a wide range of topics. I went thru my own collection of books plus bought a ton more on Kindle. I read sources from years ago or current best sellers. It used to be that esteemed intellectuals who warned us about destructive trends in the modern world were accepted as ‘great thinkers’, now they are ignored, and maybe even scorned by today’s ‘thinkers’ or writers. What Orwell, Huxley, C S Lewis and others have told us would happen is now going on …… our personal and corporate freedoms are being eroded. So, I’ll be writing about life in our modern world more frequently.

Few months back a producer from CNN expressed interest in filming the defendant and I in a prison dialogue. While that wasn’t approved by the prison there’s sustained support for Marc’s legacy and ongoing feedback and support from various sources. I’m very grateful for the people this blog has touched and am looking forward to reaching more folks thru the book on Marc’s legacy.

Thank you again for your support on this adventure! And, again ….. please keep reading and commenting.



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