Already This Year …. Abortion Debacle

….. it seems like 2019 is going down as the year when the war against babies is really being revealed!

Issues like the sanctity of life are to me indisputable, something I didn’t think needed defending. Personally, abortion is something I’d never consider …. it wouldn’t be me, as I value life too much. I think God puts that instinct in us, to value & protect the innocent. It just never worried me what others believed, cause I knew where I stood.

Recently I’ve been stunned, sickened by some of the news coming out about abortion in some states. Been reading on Twitter specific things that make me feel some have sunk to a new low in our country:

  • It was totally soul-rending to watch legislators in New York State cheering after a bill was signed to legalize the abortion of a fetus’ in the 3rd trimester. Why the open cheers?
  • Right after, a couple of VA state legislators asked about legislation for babies late term.
  • Immediately after that the VA Governor tried to bring the furor down by saying that babies born during labor would be kept alive and comfortable until the parents and Dr. decided what they wished to do with the child!

The descriptions above have compelled me to write this post! I guess I’ve lived in a bubble and not realized how much this topic of abortion is such a moral trigger for some. I’ve not really investigated how much the abortion rhetoric has gone beyond Planned Parenthood and Congress. I never realized how much people loved themselves more than they love the unborn, or how states are getting twisted out of shape trying to be a moral referee in this issue! Rather, I’ve just tried to keep my eyes on all the good done for the unborn:

  • People working to make the public aware of the rights of the unborn, like manning clinics to help women change their minds by offering them free ultrasounds, so they can see and hear their baby’s heart and body, and  …. hopefully change their minds.
  • People running homes so women can give birth to their child, even if they give him/her up for adoption.
  • New legislation is being passed in some states, giving stronger rights to the unborn than what New York State gives, so it’s not all bad news for the unborn.

The unborn have value!

My mind just can’t grasp the horror that’s being done to the little ones! Sucking a baby out, breaking limbs, brain matter being forced out ….. just unbelievable gore, trauma! To hear about these things is like hearing we have little Nazi death chambers across the U.S. The inhumanity done to human babies …. we’d feel bad if we heard that farmers did that to the offspring on their farm, why aren’t we more upset about human babies?

My 2 sons, Paul (older) and Marc

I know some women believe a fetus is theirs to do what they want with. But ….. what about your own body? That NY bill not only wants to destroy a baby’s life but the mother’s almost. I was sickened to learn that the NY bill allows non-physicians to perform the late trimester ‘surgery’! What get’s me, aside from taking the life of an unborn, is …. why would you let a non-physician remove your almost full term baby? Don’t you care about how it’s removed, what it could do to your body, your conscience, your ability to bear children later?

What or who are legislators thinking of when they make these laws in New York? What makes me upset as I read more on the abortion issue in some states is that the laws aren’t being discussed openly with views from both sides, with medical and other advisors testifying. I don’t recall what’s being discussed in California legislature, no one reports the status of abortion on TV! I’m going to have to do some digging.

An abortion Dr. very calmly and methodically described to Congress some time ago what happens to a fetus after a woman is sedated. The parts of a baby are ‘pulled’ out ‘very hard’, he said. Can you imagine a non-doctor doing this?l! We aren’t talking about a mid-wife who’s trained to deliver a healthy baby. I don’t even wanna think about what is done to get a large infants head to pass thru the birth canal aside from normal delivery or C-section. To think that some legislators think it’s okay to wrench a full term infant from a woman is beyond my world …. hard to believe!

I can’t imagine being pregnant and living in shame or being in fear of what my parents may think. I can’t imagine not having a marriage or home in place to bring a child into? I know our world doesn’t like to hear this but we need to remember we all are responsible for our lives whatever comes, we need to make the right decisions and there’s help out there if we’re confused or fall. I know some women are pretty far gone to drugs and alone, or fall into the wrong crowd but their conscience is still alive and functioning. We can’t pretend that removing an obstacle is the answer to our ‘problem’. What kind of message are we giving today’s youth!?

Since Marc’s murder I’ve been thinking about the purpose of government more. We had the best D.A., detectives for Marc’s case, there’s so many good people working in city governments. But in the larger bodies of govt. it’s not always so clear what they are trying to do, as they are messing with sacred issues. I wrote recently that government can be used to block freedoms, destroy the values we’ve lived by. The idea that a legislature can disrupt the continuity of human history with their declarations about men …. women …… children ……. life itself, is just mind boggling!

I had two miscarriages. I wasn’t able to say good-bye to them, I don’t know if they were male or female, though I have a hunch? I don’t know what they look like, but I will find out in heaven. I’ve asked that they be two of the first people to greet me when I die or Jesus takes us up.

We need to talk about some of these things so we don’t grow impervious to the challenges in life that people are facing. We never know who we may be able to comfort, challenge or change!


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