New Link to Sentencing in Marc’s Case

On June 3, 2015 the main defendant in Marc’s case was sentenced. The following video was prepared by Brent Weisberg, a reporter at KOIN6 news, (CBS affiliate, Portland, OR), and shown that evening. People have told me how much it touched their hearts to see this so I’ve tried to use it at times. Unfortunately, KOIN6 went thru several owners in the last couple years and the servers left this video out. As I was fact checking for my book I found they restored it, so here it is!

Marc and Rose –

 Just want to share the type of case we had so you can understand how I could develop a relationship with the main defendant, and see how God was involved in the whole matter. (The clip is an overview, not the entire hearing.) For info on other aspects of the case, please see the archives on my site.

Thanks so much for your continued prayers and support!  May we all go forward with both justice yet mercy in this life –

Marc’s memory is alive!

Sentencing of Andrew Metzner



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