My New Book & Some Good Info

I’m sorta in ‘hiding’ as I finish my book.

I’m moving away from the shocking side of Marc’s incident and building the story around ‘relationships’! If we live according to this world, we’re supposed to be a loner where everyone works out their own path, own answers …. but the way it works best is when we surrender to both God’s order of things and decipher rightly about those He places in our lives.

My book will be for society in general. I feel people aren’t trusting their own conscience much anymore, this is the prime way God speaks to us, according to Ken E. Hagin. I’m not writing to show people how much I ‘know’ about God but I want to share how He sustains us in this modern age! He gives us our private ‘radar’ to help us in this age of confusion and needing to be politically right.

Downtown Portland, OR MAX rail track

On another issue ….. I’ve been going thru alot of questioning and anguish in the last 2 years about our country! Marc and I cared so much about many of the challenges in our nation, so it’s been normal to share about politics and cultural themes at times in this blog.  I mean, as Christian’s we live in a world of government, economics/jobs, and a natural world where we’re supposed to be involved and making our world a better place to live.

We’re so blessed in the U.S., the West but there are threats blocking our freedom to speak out, to feel safe, to live openly. Too many people outside our life are trying to make important decisions for us. Some of the traditional formats for discussing life as a nation are being dried up ….. authentic political debates, great books, good theatre, innovative music that expresses adult views or TV shows with real family drama.

Sometimes I’ve literally asked myself ‘am I the only one feeling so torn by what’s going on around me”? And of course, I know I’m not alone as there are many who’re concerned about the way things are being handled in their work life, home life, health, our political scenes.

I recently broke down and joined Kindle and oh, my, it’s opened up a whole variety of writers who’re in sync with my hunches and observations. I knew of futurist writers like George Orwell, Huxley, & C. S. Lewis foreboding doom in some areas of our Western Culture but I didn’t know many in America who’re looking at our world with eyes wide open?

Anyway, here’s a sample of the books on our cultural issues. There’s a whole world out there that I wish many more knew of, there’s people writing books who’re trying to help us cut thru the confusion. When we know more, we can arm ourselves and take action. Some of these books are historically based, some on family, some on our identity as human beings, some on the political world:

“The Vanishing American Adult’   –  Sen. Ben Sasse

Our Kids: The American Dream in Crises”   –    NYT Best selling author,  Robert Putnam

Excellent Sheep: The Miseducation of American Elite Life etc… ”  –   William Deresiewicz

‘Mr. Trump’s Wild Ride’     –   Major Garrett

“The Tech Wise Family’   –   Andy Crouch

Coming Apart’   Challenges of White Society in U.S.    –     Charles Murray

 “Our Lost Constitution”   –  Sen. Mike Lee

Amusing Ourselves To Death”   –  Neil Postman

Dumbing Us Down: Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling’   –   John Taylor Gatto

There are so many more books, as well as groups, speakers, or people on TV sharing how our world is changing and what we can do about it. I wish more Congressional leaders were reading about some of these issues and sharing their views. We need to know where their hearts are.

Will share more books in the future …..

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