Preface to Book and a Comment

In the coming weeks I’m going to release some snippets of my book so you get an idea of the scope and tone, which is different from this blog.

The following is the Preface from my book. You guys know Marc’s and my story, this Preface is for Mr & Mrs Joe Public when the book is being marketed.

PREFACE –  “Murder and Justice in Portland”  by Diane De Han

“This book’s been written with you in mind. You’re an individual who’s always trying to sort through some of the messy issues of life. Most people won’t initiate a conversation about a homicide investigation, but you’re reading this, so you’re different.

You know the idea of you or a loved one being murdered is the most catastrophic thing you could ever imagine happening! It makes you sad or your blood run cold just my bringing this up. So, your curiosity about this book is an honest reaction to one of our common fears.

This conversation regarding murder is an important one as we’re going thru a new ‘normal’ in the world.  It used to be everyone had nightmares about being attacked by ‘Jaws’, now people lie awake at night and wonder what they’d do if a mass shooter opened up at a school or mall!

I wrote this book to expand the story in my blog, which I started soon after my son Marc was murdered in Portland, OR in October 2014. Immediately after the tragic incident I was forced to deal not only with Marc’s homicide case but make important decisions about a couple life and death issues of my own.

I’m going to share with you a parent’s worst nightmare, but it won’t be a journey into the gory details of a murder case, I still can’t bear to go into that side of things. If you want a book that scares you then check out a Hollywood thriller or a true detective TV show. Although this book is a very personal journey I’m not going to bore you with sentimental trivia that won’t be useful to the theme. Rather, I think folks are more interested in how a murder case transpires and how people deal with the big questions of the presence of evil in life, and how does one manage the pain and loss of a loved one’?

We’re not being encouraged to think for ourselves much nowadays but we’re born with a conscience inside us that says the opposite …. it knows what’s real, what’s right, it can guide us in our affairs far better than a news source can. It’s there to steer us on the right path as well as guide us out of our suffering …. if we listen.

This book recognizes that we live in a society where the overwhelming message from media suggests that life is impersonal and nothing lasts. I’ve tried to take the concepts of love, pain, justice and healing that I learned out of our cultures hands and give them back into the hands of individuals like you who have a strong conscience and a desire to find God’s hand in all our circumstances.”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Well, looks like the book title is ‘kaput’!

Last night after I commented on a tweet I was ‘blocked’ from commenting or liking anyone further! The only reason I came up with is that I used the word ‘murder’ that’s used in my book title when I commented to George Papadopoulos about my book. I shared how I was reading his new book, “Deep State Target”, and how it had inspired me in a particular chapter.

I hardly ever use this title on social media, but I think the algorhythms picked up the word ‘murder’ and didn’t like it, even tho I wasn’t threatening anyone. Think I’ll change the title since Twitter, and probably FB, will be touchy.

I’m such a free speech advocate, and don’t want to be forced to change to be politically correct. But, it’s a technical issue with them I guess, as they have so many users, that’s one way they can filter out the really dangerous people.

I’ve got another title in mind with some of the same connotations, as I don’t want to forget the horrendous loss that night in Portland!



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