Recent Democratic Debates – 2020

Here’s my rundown of the recent debates in case you didn’t catch any of them.  Even tho I’m conservative I’m open to suggestions from moderate or liberal Democrats if they can come up with pragmatic visions for uniting us as a country, keeping us safe, free and solvent. Here’s my observations …..

  1.     In retrospect, the recent debates seemed like a discussion between the candidates and the media, the questions didn’t reflect much of what the average citizen or working person is concerned about.
  2.     I like to know the person I’m supposed to vote for.  Why aren’t candidates being asked about their backgrounds, family ties and core beliefs? Relatable personal facts that let us know they’re like us.
  3.     What happened to the good ol’ Dem visionaries who dreamed up Peace Corp, etc? Where are the creative solutions for the people suffering in chaos across our southern border?
  4.    I’m looking for a leader who thinks for him or herself and isn’t trying to gain points with the media on the latest hot issue.
  5.    So many questions catered to people’s ego, centered on things we’ve already heard or read about in their bios.
  6.    I’m looking for candidates who understand the needs of the average wage earner, family person! It’s great to feel for people on the fringe but where are the plans for the jobs, safety & peace for the average law abiding citizen, all people?
  7.     Every true human is unhappy about border issues, but there’s a range of issues that have to be addressed in that crises. I want to hear clear cut plans for the future given the people groups across the globe immigrating or sneaking across our borders.
  8.     We all know an impassioned woman carries some weight with her arguments, but some of the female debaters went way into another destructive realm. A constantly strident, angry woman won’t be appealing to the public in the Fall.
  9.     I’d like to know what defining moment(s) shaped their life, character. I don’t want to know what offends them! I’m looking for tolerant, fair-minded leaders who see the good in many people no matter what the color, beliefs.
  10.     I’d like to know if their lifestyle is sane, do they ‘walk the walk’, is it their habit to ‘do for others’ less fortunate?
  11.     I want a leader who’s willing to seek common goals across the aisle. Is there a candidate who’s open to mediating, building trust with the other side?
  12.     I don’t want a leader to think they’re running for President to seek ‘revenge’  ….  bad sign!
  13.    I’d like to know who their heroes are …. not favorite movie characters! Was a family member a true mentor? Do they have a hero from their faith or history?
  14.    I’d like to know how they unwind, if they have a ‘life’, do they ever laugh? Or are they all ‘politics’ and no fun?
  15.    I’d like to know …. what books has a candidate’s read recently, what papers? Do they value good literature, have any musical tastes or enjoy natural beauty? Anything that takes them away from thinking of their job all the time?
  16.    I’m looking for someone who can build ‘hope’ for all Americans. Someone who believes in ALL of us, not just a few ‘oppressed’ people.
  17.    I don’t want a candidate who thinks the office of President is where race problems will be corrected, incomes equalized. Don’t want a guy or gal who forgets that individuals are responsible for their outcomes, and government is there to help.
  18.    I especially don’t want a President who wants our nation to become socialistic! I don’t want a Green New Deal, a Yellow Ribbon or the Red Door. I want to keep capitalism.
  19.    It’s important to me for a President to be a bona-fide American in their soul, and profess love for all the people who died for him (her).
  20.    I’d like a Democratic President to abhor violence, be absolutely against anti-Jew, anti-white & anti-male sentiments.
  21.    I want my President to look at the big picture and understand we are at a crossroads in Western civilization morally, financially.
  22.    I want a candidate to show compassion not just for immigrants but for the unborn, vets, the suicide prone and drug epidemics that are devastating our families, communities!
  23.    I want a candidate to see that violence is not just a teen issue in school shootings, but an adult one too. There’s gang violence, immigrant violence, human trafficking, Alt. Left violence is just as real as Alt. Right.
  24.    I don’t want a President to give away money to people who have no ties to the U.S. and then neglect our homeless, vets, mentally ill, elderly, disabled.
  25.    What is a Democrat now, what is their platform? Some candidates spout socialistic values which will demoralize and bankrupt us. The Democratic party needs to define their platform and stand against the ‘socialist’ chatter.
  26.    I want a President who understands the huge threats we have here with censorship, free speech denied to peaceful people wanting to share their views on Twitter, Utube!
  27.   I want a candidaate to see how large some social media is getting, and how it needs to be used responsibly. Any large entity, even in govt, has the tendency to monopolize anything related to it’s product, like free speech, free enterprise, freedom to live or move, and worship.
  28.    I want a leader who’s not ashamed to show his decent side, not fearful of the other ego seeking candidates.
  29.    I want a candidate who’ll choose a Vice Presidential running mate who’s not just a ‘yes-man’, but a person of integrity and values.
  30.    There’s more that can be done to bring our country together, but everyone needs to pull together. No entity on it’s own can decide our future, outside of God.


Winner:  I think the winner was the American people. We got to see for ourselves who’s opposing Pres. Trump. The candidates are helping us and Mr. Trump make up our minds early on.

Runner-Up: The media was close, almost tied. They’ve done their best to hoodwink everyone, even the candidates, into their system of controlling politics. They are trying to ruin creativeness, spontaneity and character in America, and it’s almost working! (If any candidate so much as suggests a solid vision they spread it all over so that it’s either taken up by other candidates, smeared as wrong or they say it’s been tried before and didn’t work.) 

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