Book Contract!

I was offered a book publishing contract last week, I’m very excited and sharing some details!

Trilogy accepted my book concept after only reading 3 chapters. The initial interview with them helped me feel it was the ‘right fit’ …. the company, people, reputation. Plus their marketing potential is much larger than what I could do on my own!

The books tentative title is “Dying for Attention in Portland”.

As I shared in my recent post, ‘It’s Official’ at  I’m pursuing writing as a career. Being a blogger and book author has always been more than just sharing a parents worst nightmare, forgiving and forging a new road after tragedy. It’s been about being able to write about the love of country and the freedom to express oneself on various issues like Marc and I enjoyed.

If you value my life experience and opinions would you consider financially supporting my endeavors? My book and blog?

I’ve been observing how other independent journalists/writers use crowd funding to support their efforts, and feel the world wide usage of this method warrants a try. Being an independent writer, and not writing for a news source or magazine, limits my production & outreach.

Some of you have stated your interest in contributing to my writing. Your donating to my efforts would be so appreciated! Right now you can support thru Paypal or Patreon which are easy to set up if you don’t already have an account. There are options on Patreon like …. a one time gift, or an ongoing monthly donation of $2.00 or more. You control it, plus you get perks!

Your rewards are:  membership to my weekly emails, special member only material, previews of book chapters and being on the advance reader team before my book is published …. depending on your gift.

What does it mean to you to have a ‘sane’ voice out there? How much do you appreciate someone talking about overcoming obstacles, staying strong in the midst of the impersonal way our culture is headed? How would you feel if my timely posts stopped? We need ‘independent’ voices out there, voices that no one can buy!

We have a wonderful history in the United States of financially helping our neighbor, supporting local business. As a person of faith, I’ve been part of numerous donations and ongoing tithes towards ministries or individuals! Every little bit helps, nothing is too small!


Prayerfully consider if you belong on this journey with me! Blessings!


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