2nd Hardest Post I’ve Ever Written

I don’t know where to start! 

I’ve been on Twitter for over a year, discovering how it truly works, who it impacts. It’s way different from FB. It’s a platform that shares news stories from recognized news outlets as well as personal opinions from people like you or I, on the daily political or social issues in this world.

Portland, OR City Council meeting I attended –

There’s a huge wave crashing down upon us in America that we all need to wake up to!

I’ve lived on the West Coast where we are encouraged to live the ‘good life’, so it took me awhile to get used to the intensely fast paced life of D.C.  While there’s many normal people on Twitter you should be aware of the people trying to tear down our political and social institutions! I‘m referring to a plethora of people voicing their opinions on every possible topic not in a civil way but in an effort to propagandize or shame intelligent, moral or patriotic people.

It’s very sobering to actually read on Twitter how some despise us for standing up for our 1st and 2nd amendment rights, or for example, the rights of the unborn. What is most alarming to me recently are the shocking threads on Twitter & from some current Democratic Presidential contenders to put down our form of government and bring “socialism” to the United States!!!

This new political stance online is like a cancer as they’re trying to change our national fabric by causing such a ruckus that some state or national leaders are changing laws to avoid a stand off with them! Some officials think the agitators for socialism are a fresh wave of new morality …. they aren’t!

I was so naive about this growing threat!! I’m so removed from D.C. and I never knew this sentiment was in the beliefs of some in Congress! It’s intolerable to think “socialism” is better than what we have now! It’s lunacy to think people are entitled to so much free stuff, when we’re so debt ridden, and many are struggling just to get along!

I’ve commented on tweet threads of well-known Democratic political influencers, but the followers have shamed me, or tried to  propagandize me to believe Jesus was a socialist! They give verses from the bible, use all kinds of attacks on my intelligence, character to put my beliefs down. They’re like robots, and indeed some are paid to spout ideologies, in a robotic fashion to anyone who even questions their political beliefs. The platform isn’t encouraging independent thinking, but lends to political grandstanding by youthful amateurs in many cases shaming productive adults. Truly unbelievable in the history of op-eds, etc.

Many of the people I grew up with or go to church with have assumed that if we live peacefully and do good to others, the bad folks will be voted out or the good Lord will correct our problems, after all …. ‘the good guys always win’, right? But, that’s never been true and we’re entering a new era now where we have to look squarely at the tide coming against us!

Also, our traditional values of not judging others, or being open to different ideas, is not respected much any longer by many outside our lifestyle.  I love a good newspaper but they are being relegated to second class news sources for the most part now, and we’re getting so much biased news on TV nowadays! Cable news, Utube and social media have replaced most of the papers, TV for the mainstream these days. Many are wondring how to ferret out the truth from the biased commentary on TV! Our youth are having a specially hard time at this cause schools are failing to educate them on history.

I’ve had to change the way I see our country now. While many of us are hard working and trustworthy, there’s people who are going to bypass discussing with us the destiny of this country! The marches, threats of violence are gaining ears from politicians as there’s little place to discuss alternatives. News sources and social media are not the places or people we elected to lead us as a people! Laws, policies should be decided by legislatures in open discussions with all of us having a say so thru our representatives.

Not to worry! There are many grassroots people waking up to the coersion of forces outside our normal political process. Now is not the time to bury our heads in the sand, or say you hate the news so won’t turn it on. You don’t want to wake up some morning and find there’s harsh socialistic laws you never heard of or voted for making decisions for you!

Many of you are like I was, in my own humble world, trying to be a good citizen by being a responsible person in my relations. In the last few years I’ve been dealing with a crushing blow from the loss of my son, I didn’t think I’d ever be able to go thru another serious wake up call. But we’re all headed for one if we don’t wake up and become more active re: the people and ideas trying to take charge of our government!

Marc and I kept up with vital news and understood the threats to a degree, but what’s going on now is appalling! Our cherished America is being threatened by people who don’t have any ties to normal life or love others. It all seems to be about political correctness, not freedom and abundance for all!

I often hear, “oh, Congress is too corrupt, just people arguing”, so they don’t want to get involved. That’s not true, there are many people in Washington writing books, articles, speaking out on hate crimes, dwindling middle class, caring about the sanctity of life in the U.S. Many vets, teachers, Dr’s, pastors speaking out for the good of all.

There’s much we can do! Open your eyes, read my posts, check out online sources or listen to cable news. There may not be a Third World War with bombs but it seems like there’s one going on in the world of ‘values’, human dignity right now across the globe.

Talk to your family and friends. Go over with them the great things we have here compared to other countries! Share with them the evils of socialism. God never intended people of faith or morality to be blind or absent re: the threats against our country!

It’s our civic duty to take back our country! What will you do?



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