Really … ‘Down with Prayers & Kind Thoughts’

There are some things people should not question! Like ‘prayers’ for instance.

This chant on social media where people are saying ‘enough with prayers and thoughts, we want action’, is really sorta silly. Prayers are meant to heal, protect or to guide. They are not a substitute for research, discussion, voting or action. Detractors have got praying wrong.

It seems to me the chants are deriding the fact that folks are sad, hurt or confused after a tragedy, an illness or whatever. We pray many times immediately after an incident because we have no words to describe our shock or pain re: a cancer diagnosis, mass shooting. We don’t know how to console at first but we know God does. We know it’s wrong to bottle up things, and suffer in silence, no matter how painful or hopeless the situation looks.

Prayer is user friendly as even little children can understand it. Prayer has always been used to bring peace or protection during times of war, or hostility. It’s been offered during fires, storms, to heal the sick and as an instrument of peace over political upheaval. It’s been an eternal source of good for people, never used as a curse for evil like witchcraft is used!

Prayers aren’t always formal, clearly thought out or instantly answered. It’s the language of the heart and soul for ourselves or others whom we may not even know. There’s no place it can’t go. It’s powerful like Superman in some respects cause it goes faster than a speeding bullet thru glass doors to reach our child or enters hospital surgery rooms. Prayer works in an Iranian prison, a battlefield or a Manhattan jail like Reikers.

Prayer doesn’t hurt like a shot. Beginners have access to it’s power like the pros. There’s no need to fear prayer, unless you’re trying to hurt one of God’s loved ones. If you stand next to someone praying it’s power won’t rub off on you to force you into saying ‘Hallelujah’.’

Since Marc’s tragedy I’ve been prayed for by Jews, Christians, Democrats & Republicans, people of all colors, rich & poor, pastors or lay persons. I learned not to assess who’s close to God or not, who holds what wisdom, or power, in the prayer world! People everywhere are growing in faith and at various plateaus on their faith journey not always knowing they are a lot closer to God than they realize. I grant them space and am grateful for the love given –

Prayer is sometimes used with the wrong objective by the misguided, but is still a powerful source for good in this world, so critics should stop yapping –

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