Pandemic Saga

This is an unusual topic to write in a blog post! But, this virus doesn’t care what race or political identity we are. In this day and age we’re all subject to the same germ, the same confusion and alarm because we have a potential death threat over our loved ones and our livelihood that needs to be met with clear thinking!

Some of us know how life works, we are vigilant, planners. We know from history or from relatives about plagues, wars in the past decimating cultures for a time. But some are new with this, this is their first experience with real mass danger. And, we all hope to God this threat passes over fast.

Our ‘bubble’ worlds are going to be shaken. We’ll be forced to see there are other people in this world outside our comfort zones. We’ll reflect on the fragility of life, what’s important to us. There’s a shaking going on.

Who knows how bad this epidemic will get? Our government has taken strong measures to flatten the curve in the U.S., trying to avoid the mistakes made in Iran, Italy. We’re teaching people how to self care. Lot of us are thinking of life down the road, when this pandemic is over. There’s our jobs, families, and an election coming up …. a country to rescue.

They say this virus outbreak will get worse before it gets better, and that’s hard to comprehend, as I’m pretty okay now. But, I don’t want my loved ones getting Covid 19. I personally don’t want to come down with it, but I’m not running around scared! I use health precautions wherever I am, and take along wipes or sanitizer. I’m trying to keep my immune system strong. I’m only as physically strong as my immune system is healthy.

It’s so crazy how some are treating a serious disease as a time to obsess about food and silly things! The fear of starving is an instinctive fear in humans, but it’s not like there’s a famine. But we might not be thinking clearly at this time, and want to anesthetize our stress with food. What may likely be a problem is that people will need something, or get ill and they will be too afraid to tell anyone. They may feel desperate re: work, the future and they will hesitate to reach out. People on the fringes (elderly, drug dependent, homeless), will be in a very precarious situation at this time.

Don’t listen to negative people at this time, the complainers …. no matter what! They blame Trump, the government for this virus gaining whatever stronghold it has. Don’t listen to doom prognosticators who say half of us will come down with the virus.

Don’t be like that NBA center who touched every interviewing surface after a game, scoffing how he wasn’t afraid of getting the virus but came down with it anyway. Listen to the right sources yourself, and check inside what is the right approach in this pandemic!

I’ve often thought of how politics, life …. seem to explode during the holy days of Lent/Passover/Easter! You may laugh, but it’s too coincidental not to ignore. God gave people a way to avoid death at Passover, He’ll do it again.

        Psalm 91

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