Update on MJ Blog and Book

Update on my book and Marc’s Justice Blog!

I miss writing here! It’s always been my first love, but something had to give so I could finish the book.-

When I started Marc’s Justice  blog few years back, I was 2 months removed from the murder of my youngest son. I wrote to share the progress in his case. I understood a homicide wasn’t on everyone’s list of most desired topics to read but I just followed my hunch that enough people cared about what was going on with the case!

At first I sent out regular updates on the case, and more recently I’ve been writing on MJ Blog about cultural issues that concern me and others on Twitter. During the pandemic I set aside the book at times as I was disturbed by the riots, anti police activity, etc and wanted to write here on those topics. During my work closure I also took on a couple other projects that will coincide with the release of my book. They seemed to come together all at once so naturally.

To be frank, as a first time author, I was a bit naive in tackling a book. I didn’t know it would be so depressing to continually go back and rehash what happened to Marc, and go over my pitiful state. Also, when writing a book like mine there’s a time line to be researched again, and much “fact checking”.

Finding the best editor to work with was one of the best things that’s happened this year. It’s been a monumental learning curve as she’s required me to work hard at cleaning up my bad writing habits, but she’s so gracious.

Couple final things:

  • I’m in the middle of the editing process. Publishing should be in Jan/Feb ’21.
  • The tentative title is now, “Faced My Fears in Portland”.  While editing the book I had to break it down in themes, and realized it centers on facing fears, overcoming tragedy, more than on the case.
  • Thanks for the feedback on titles, I may use some of your words/terms on the cover.
  • Another reminder: Writing a blog is different from authoring a book. The tone, scope of each is unique to the platform. In this blog I take liberties and just write with my spelling, grammar shortcuts. I’m usually writing under stress, with a deadline and don’t want the hassle of long posts. I’m not caring to impress anybody. WordPress publishers is a little crazy sometimes too, doesn’t keep some settings, and reverts back to my former edits, which is frustrating. But, I’m not worrying about that now. This MJ site will be upgraded once the book is done.

Even though I began writing blogs about serious cultural issues like free speech, political deception or censorship these last few years, I’m still the same person I always was. I haven’t stopped remembering Marc and the legacy I’m left with.

Again, thank you all for staying with me on various platforms these years. Your love and support have meant more than more than you know –

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