Covid Backlash, For the Good or Bad?

Like many of you at first I feared Covid-19 might be something that could swoop down on me and my loved ones …. take our lives, our income. But nothing is ever solely about ourselves. This catastrophic event, while it can devastate us as individuals, it’s really an attack on our nation.

Was this a virus that would wipe out huge swaths of our population? Would we be able to handle perhaps an overwhelming demand for tests/PPE, hospital beds? What would be the cost for small business owners? The stock market? The family structure?

I don’t believe many in this nation think God just helped us start up 200+ years ago but now has given up on us. We’ve gone thru so much, even the near splitting of our nation in half, and somehow we rose up to go on! Godly people have always found the hope and strength to construct a new life where there once was desolation. I think there’s a positive backlash from this virus that will define us, strengthen us and help the world.

  • I think some people will evaluate their consumer habits, and become more creative on less. People will learn to cook, stop smoking, walk more and correct bad eating habits. Some will learn to repair things or become more independent. Many will tighten up their selfish cravings, lack of caring about the world outside and reject the lazy Western attitude.
  • I believe this Covid 19 threat is showing us just how important our national identities are.  Countries are now thinking of their ‘borders’ in a different way, even borders between friendly nations. This is true on almost every continent, and I believe will continue to have impact for months, likely years and shut down some of the ‘global’ objectives.
  • I believe this shutdown will backfire for those who lean Left and embrace socialism. Some will come to understand how the policies of China’s communist system caused this pandemic, and subverts all it comes into contact with. Many have said this virus shuts down much of Bernie Sanders argument for socialism.  We need people to vote this Fall who think for themselves and have some raw experience to back their views up. All of the House is up for grabs, and we need discernment in voters.
  • This pandemic will help the U.S. in our international relations.  Nations are aligning themselves on one side of the issue, or another in some interesting ways. Some choose to be vigilant, some careless or weak. You can see the ‘blamers’ raging against the honest nations, diverting their responsibility. Even in the U.S. we are seeing tyrant governors abusing the rights of the people.
  • This pandemic has come in a good season as it will prove that race is not the argument it once was. Nor is sexism, ageism.
  • Some folks will wake up and begin to ask questions, like how did this virus ended up over here? They will learn to appreciate the U.S. more, and listen to the voices in government from a new perspective. Some will mend ways with family members, or seek God for the first time.
  • This virus will reveal to some which political ideology wants them free, out working, shopping, going to games, worshiping …. and, which ideology wants to tax them, coup them up.

This pandemic will do it’s thing among the people in higher, elite echelons too. Celebs, atheist profs, & whiners won’t escape the virus, fear, lack of freedom or threat on income.

  • American’s have never let a crises go to waste. Entrepreneurs will bloom from this virus.

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