Policing In Our Cities

It’s preposterous how some are crying out to defund police, and I’ll say why. Policing is the most important contact we have in our daily life that reminds us we’re a land of peace and order. We all know the use of force is meant only to keep us safe, and as Americans, we love it this way!

Sign on Third Ave, Downtown Portland, OR

I’m in Los Angeles, and like any city with a nominal population, we need police out there so our kids will be safe going to and from school. We need police so Sr’s or handicapped can make a quick trip to the store and back again safely.

On any given day In L.A. there’s car thefts, gang related violence, drag races, abusive husbands, pedophilia rings, drug wars, counterfeit thieves, illegal gambling, international smuggling, bank robbers, assaults, child abductions, terrorism, internet hacking, ID theft rings, protests and let me see ….. homicides! Those crimes aren’t being committed by the homeless, mentally ill population, but by organized crime or people who many times are life long criminals.

You gonna assign some “9-5 psychology agents” with no training in violence, or ties to the community, to police those criminals so the public is safe? Where are you going to find mostly men in our culture who don’t have records, aren’t on drugs, are citizens, of age and some speaking other languages?

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I never truly realized how valuable Law Enforcement was for society until Marc was involved in a homicide case! I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the hours upon hours of work it took his Detective team to investigate his case.

The incident happened in the middle of the night, so of course their sleep was ruined as they had to leave for the scene to meet up with the forensic team & witnesses. They had a couple hours to process things between the Coroner, Medical Examiner before they had to locate my ex-husband in Portland and give him the terrible news! Following that were days where Detectives had to go over evidence, go thru the video tape of the incident, interview the local business owners/witnesses, pour over a local 7/11 video, fill the D.A. in on the details. Every crime has to go thru a process, by law!

Police had to further scour the homeless scene using their contacts, to find the 2 original suspects, and set up a ‘take down’ with police units making armed arrests. One original suspect had a record and his family had to be interviewed. Investigations have to be conducted by Police in a legal, sometimes time consuming manner. Police work requires a measure of written work, which many complain of as being tedious, so it’s not a slam dunk type of job, where you enlist, get a badge, weapon and handcuffs. There’s many checks and balances to normal police work so that they are held accountable, and only the most highly qualified men are able to handle the rigorous assignments an officer has to do.

I’ve always trusted police, and have never yelled at an officer, or seen a relative,  minority friend, or anyone resist arrest. I have no reason to hate police, I’m not looking for a fight …. and I live in L.A. I’m not fearful of cops, I like the fact we have laws. If I was unlawfully questioned, ticketed then I’d keep a record and jot the badge number and report it. I live around all incomes, colors, age groups and I never see or hear of the types of encounters they show on TV, Twitter. It’s not that dangerous a city. And believe me, there are homeless, mentally ill, quasi gang types in the nooks and crannies of life here, I drive around a fair amount. I’ve been around bit of gun fire few years ago, so I’m scared of those types, not the police.

When it comes to a personal tragedy like my sons, or a mall shooting or a child abduction …. police generally show up in minutes. We need police out late at night to be ready in their cars to apprehend car thieves, stop bar fights, tail stalkers or help someone if their car breaks down. We like Highway Patrol on the highways at night cause we don’t want road races on our streets, or a psycho attacking our child on the freeway at night when they get a flat tire.

In some small towns police know all the residents, and do welfare checks, drive people home when drunk. You want those kind of guys policing, not a “9 to 5 agent”. There’s a huge minority in the Police force here in LA and that helps. One night I heard 2 Hispanic officers giving marriage counseling to my neighbor when she called them for being locked out by her husband.

All law enforcement members sacrifice their comfort, family time, holidays to work on a homicide, a bank robbery or your missing daughter. They are irreplaceable!

Who are the people complaining about the police most?

Is it working citizens who pay the taxes for police staffing? Is it the average voter who’s interested in public safety? The local business owner complaining? The corporations, schools, stadiums, hospitals, mall owners? No! It’s the youthful anarchist’s weaponizing social media, Leftists and BLM …. (not decent blacks).

The people asking for defunding are not criminologists, law enforcement or have any background in policing. No country in the world has done away with policing! There’s no model for policing in a better way than what we have. Some of those calling to defund are caving to angry Leftists, instead of simply standing up to them.  Or they may fear not being reelected.

We all, at our most vulnerable times, want to know there’s someone who’ll protect us or our families. Every member of Law Enforcement has to go thru extensive background checks, have clearance by DOJ, FBI, do you want impersonal people manning law enforcement who don’t have the community at heart? They are in this for the love of duty, community, not for a paycheck like a “9-5” worker who just might take bribes, strike for more pay or not show up if the work is too hard.

There are some corrupt neighborhoods in certain large cities where officer’s are abused excessively, yet still go to work. It’s not just the police that are supposedly abusing people. There are some bad apples in a large police force, take them out but don’t destroy the entire system we’ve erected in the U.S. or it will cause law makers, citizens to buy many more guns, live in perpetual fear and set up our cities as war zones where people won’t travel, shop or vacation.

Don’t believe those on the Left who’re feeding the weak with how bad our policing system is. We are so fortunate in this country that most our police have homes, families in the communities they serve in. It’s too bad we have to have this discussion but there’s been dis-trust among some in the U.S. and we need to confront it, with truth!

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