What We Need In Politics

What do we need in a President, a Party, our Congress? What I’m looking for is people who’ve got their eyes wide open about the strengths in our country as well as the dangers we’re facing!

Many voters are aware of how our leaders have increasingly been running for office to serve their own career prospects! They don’t have a true understanding of government or know what public service in America should be about. They see how others are taking power and they want it too, they have no intention of working for the public’s benefit. This is how many live anyway in this world, so why expect a politician to be honest, right?

Well, there ARE many in all levels of government who honor our government and listen to the peaceful voices from the public. Some leaders in Congress write books on the ills in our nation, or the good things we have going for us. They are involved in making our nation safe, strong and prosperous. Their office isn’t a platform for ‘self’.

What’s important to you in a candidate? Party? Here are some issues that are important to me as we go into this 2020 Election period. (On the list below, keep in mind the position of the candidates party as well).

How strongly would Pres. Trump or V.P. Biden deal with the following issues:

  • ‘Out of control’ mob violence in some cities.
  • Economic recovery plan from the Covid-19 slow-down
  • Increased anti-police sentiment
  • The creeping socialism in many urban city governments where there’s disrespect for leaders, police, public, businesses, govt. buildings, streets.
  • The huge drop in honest, varied info on news sources. Increased control of what we can read on internet, social media.
  • Chinese threat in way of theft of intellectual property thru spies, university positions, online hacking, trade/currency manipulation.
  • National and State debt. Cutting back on funds given to countries who threaten harm to us or our allies.
  • Increased social media censorship of individuals who wish to speak freely. Death threats and job loss for speaking one word.
  • Huge drug epidemic fueled by Chinese/Mex shipments of fentanyl that have been decimating many families, towns across America.
  • Serious human/sex trafficking, abortion numbers in U.S.
  • International peace, and vigilance against our enemies
  • Education reform to bring back humanities, allow parents/kids more choice.
  • Prison reform.
  • Human rights abuses in China, N. Korea, Middle East where organs are being harvested, forced labor, torture, imprisonment.
  • Safer energy.

Everyone should know enough about both major parties by now. The Conventions will be helpful. Most know something of Pres Trump’s record on many issues, but V.P. Biden isn’t known for much outside being the sidekick of Obama, loving his family alot and touching little kids too intimately in public.

The speech Biden gave at the DNC Convention gave me the impression he was more a softie in the political arena, a lover of family and passionate hater of Covid-19, (tho he hasn’t been tested for it yet). I didn’t get any idea from him, Sen. Harris or the other speakers about their views on many of the above topics. I’ve never got the feeling  Democrats have the nerve to stand up against the socialists in their party, and that is my biggest fear, worry about that party.

I don’t understand the attraction to socialism by larger numbers in this country. One thing I know, there’s never a lack of people wanting to destroy or control ANY society, their desire for power is never masked for long, it never fails to show it’s face.

My main concern is that there’s many in the U.S., even people of faith, who’re ignorant of the threats to our country, or are afraid to speak up out of ignorance of the issues or fear of being threatened.

This is one main reason I write, I don’t write for myself, but to share with family and friends who’re stuck in their time-worn dreams of an America that is no more. The good things are still there, and they should be emphasized more, not hidden! We should not fear their loss, but we need to be extremely vigilant in the future and stand up to socialist threats in whatever form.

Will Mr. Biden stand up to the socialists in his party, or Trump do a better job? I believe the President and Republicans have a better understanding of what’s at stake in the U.S. You have to search within and decide how you will vote.

May we all become informed and stand up for this country! It’s easier than you think!


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