My Experience With Antifa

I’m sure you’ve heard the word “antifa” in the news! Antifa, or anti-fascists, have claimed responsibility for hundreds of protests in the last few years, especially this summer. They’ve marched, harassed, vandalized, or set on fire Federal buildings, white/black businesses, & state/federal statues. I follow several ‘streamers’ in Portland, OR and other cities, who post real life videos, so I’m up to date.

Antifa should be separated from BLM, the black identity group. Some in BLM have legitimate complaints, but the leaders have posted an online statement that is a broad political/ethnic agenda based on Marxist, anti-god principles. The group has often used violence and members have called for the end to ‘white supremacy’ by any means possible.

Antifa are a growing conglomeration of independent and organized groups of mostly youth who are either anti-Federal Govt, anti-Trump, anti-Ice or anti-police. They might be a group of university students, socialists, anarchist, criminals or street people often struggling with sexual identity. I’ve tweeted with dozens of them, I read their bio’s & how they describe themselves. It’s no secret.

They’ve racked up millions upon millions of dollars in damage & police over-time. They’ve caused some city governments considerable grief and havoc. There’s great debate over who’s funding them, as many who are arrested at the scenes of destructive protests have come from out of state, someone has to be paying for their flights, hotels, car rentals, etc. What person or group wants to create such chaos and destruction to America?

My introduction to antifa was several years ago when a Hispanic guy on Facebook shared his trips to Berkeley, CA with friends to stand up for the ‘flag’. I guess I thought the UCB students were young & didn’t like the political Right speaking at their university. This guy shared on FB videos of a group in yelling matches with what I thought were vicious sounding radical college students.

This was at the beginning of the period where Left leaning students were angry or afraid about anyone who had patriotic views, (before Trump). I don’t know if they thought the speakers would incite violence, or if they simply disagreed with their views, but the people on the Right were often shouted down, or simply denied the right to speak on campus. If you look back, the Left has been growing in numbers and intensely agitating against free speech for conservatives.

I remember a couple years ago Chuck Todd hesitantly interviewing Mark Bray, a Dartmouth lecturer, on Face the Nation. Chuck said he was not really interested in giving ‘violence’ a voice, but in the interest of ‘fairness’ he’d interview Mr. Bray. I was sick to my stomach listening to them. Antifa, according to Mr. B’s book & interview, “have the right to use clubs to beat down the Alt Right”. He was straight faced and unapologetic in stating the use of violence was an essential part of beating back any foe.

Since no news site has reported organized alt-right hate groups, we can only surmise that the Left’s fear of conservatives speaking at universities is unfounded! There are small isolated groups of white militia but I’ve not read of any KKK groups, skinheads organizing to topple American federal buildings, statues, businesses, defund the police or protesting against blacks ….. or the MSM would be all over it! There’s actually been a reverse reaction going on as in the last several years it’s become popular to have ‘progressives’ in city or state govt, but in fact they are many times citing Leftist, socialist views. They aren’t just old time Democrats or progressives but are entrenched in Leftist jargon. And these leaders are afraid of or blind to the threat from anarchists like antifa.

I’ve watched resistance movements grow since the 2012 Occupy Wall Street movement in Portland, OR, a city I’ve visited many times. There’s always some new catchy phrase describing their ‘moral’ objective, but their means is always to create a violent setting to destroy American values, laws. They prefer to work underground, and instruct their members in propaganda. Their violent tactics go beyond the streets and include stalking of leaders, phone or online harassment, bombing, threats to family members and jobs..

This is the type of issue that police and strong leaders are dealing with, and the more informed we are of antifa, the better. They attack billionaires, political leaders, ordinary people, no one is immune.

We need to vote for those who are aware of anarchist groups, so we protect our nation. We need to help people remove the blinders so they aren’t fearful of street violence and protect themselves!

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