Need Your Feedback on Title

I’d like your feedback for a new title for my book –

In researching my book title I found out “Dying for Attention in Portland” is the title of a documentary, and another short book from few years back. This may not be a true legal problem but I thought I should look at other options for a title.

HELP WANTED : Covid author looking for a title

There’s often duplicates in titles of films, books or songs, it’s hard to avoid. When I search for books by title, I sometimes get 2 different books, with the same title. I need to get a title finalized soon as I’m almost finished with editing.

Do you have a moment to send me your ideas?  Some of you have been with me the entire time since Marc’s incident, you know the story enough to have an idea what it’s about, or what you think stands out. I’d really like to hear from you.

Remember, it’s about a homicide first, then about a parents recovery and the defendants remorse & our forgiveness. However, I weave in the theme of justice in Portland, law enforcement, being a person of faith.

I’ve wondered what a person living in this age of a pandemic, economic shutdown might think if he/she saw my title. Would they be likely to skim it? What do you look for in a book?

A new title came to mind yesterday: “Facing My Fears in Portland”, does it work for you?

I want to reach people where they live, I want to portray ‘hope’, not the idea that homicide brands your life forever.

What are your ideas? Thanks in advance –



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