7/13 – Update on Book “Face My Fears In Portland”

Keller Fountain, Downtown Portland –

Summer Greetings!

Faced My Fears In Portland” will be published soon! You’ll be able to find it on Amazon.com and most other book sellers sites like Walmart, Barnes & Noble, etc. It will be published in e-book form, paperback and hopefully soon in audio format. (There’s actually a good audience in audio books).

Writing a book takes longer than you might think. It’s not a romantic endeavor most of the time. I’ve had to wear different hats and learn to edit, publish, design, market, network.

The book covers the early posts in marcsjustice.com but also brings the story up to the present day. It’s a chronological telling of the homicide investigation and the challenges I went thru due to losing Marc. The defendants are mentioned, and as they’re still alive, I’ve decided not to reveal their last names, even tho that’s public record.

Marc with Rose –

I’ve always thought hard on how to portray the boys. I decided to continue sharing about them as the real life strong men they are  …. strong and frail …. like we all are. I’ve had enough personal interaction with both of them about many things. I was always amazed with their openness to me being we have this sad, tragic crime between us to remember all the time. They always welcomed my positivity (as Andrew would call it). There would be no sense in making anything up. I don’t write about the defendants to shame them, I actually share alot of painful, personal things about myself in the book.

The guys are lesser characters in my personal story. I enjoyed sharing their human sides. The story to me is more a love story. Of course, everyone has a little different take on what “love” means.

I know the defendants have contacts or family who read this blog, and are nervous about what’s in the book. I want to remind them my son’s case is public knowledge, and I’ve always tried to be honest yet gracious in my portrayal of their loved one. Authors are legally allowed to write their true life experience without outside permission, repercussion …. they can even make a movie out of their experience. (They’ve always been free to contact me on this site, if they have any questions. Comments are open to all)



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