*New – Intro to book, “Faced My Fears In Portland”

Are you tired of the confusion and frustration from a year of Covid? How have Americans dealt with national trauma in the past? Read this snippet and think for yourself.

Following is Part 1 of the Introduction to my new book, Faced My Fears In Portland.

 Introduction – Part 1

On November 22nd, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was riding in a limo along with the governor of Texas and their wives. As they wove along Dealy Plaza highway, waving to the public lining the street’s edge, President Kennedy was shot twice …. once in the neck, once in the head …. before slumping over towards his wife Jacqueline in the back seat.

The President was transported to Dallas’ Parkland Memorial Hospital Trauma Room 1, where reporters got fragmented bits of information on his condition. In stillness the public waited for some indication of how serious his injuries were. We went through a multitude of emotions, thoughts and reactions together as a people …. all because we honored our President and were deeply affected by the attack he suffered.

Picture I took of downtown Portland overlooking the Willamette River –

The tragedy stunned everyone in America and beyond! It never mattered most of us were from different political parties, races or religions. In 1963 Americans in general valued life too much to speak harshly of leaders and their wives who’d been attacked in broad daylight while the public watched. As we all kept our ears focused to the TV coverage we were “one people” with a common bond, we valued our leaders life and our national security! And, back then, unlike now, we trusted the somber, hushed tones of TV reporters and the few facts they could scrape together in their quest for accurate updates on our President.

On a flight to Portland, taking off from Sacramento, CA –

Do we have a populace now that’s as cohesive as that of 1963? Are we bound by a common respect for life and death like the majority were in 1963? Even a space alien would tell you ‘NO’.

Things have changed in a few decades. We’re living in a time where murder, and sadly mass murder or violence, is more commonplace in the news. As I write this in 2021, people from all races or beliefs are finding themselves befuddled and outraged by anarchist or Left leaning groups rioting and destroying central city businesses and neighborhoods when they want. Our national rhetoric is being steered in another direction away from the morals that upheld our nation for centuries.

Part 2 – Introduction, to follow –

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